Chapter 2

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A year had passed and you had gotten into high school. How exciting right! Levi was in all of your classes so at least you knew someone, right? Well. At least you were excited at first.

Annie and her friends kept beating you up and when you tried to lay even a finger on her the principal freaked and sent you to detention SOOOO MANY TIMES! It was annoying, and every day you came to school with bruises all over you.

Nobody would do anything about it. Everyone just stared and watched because Annie was too strong for even the toughest of kids to handle. So you just dealt with it and sat as close as you could to Eren and Jean as possible.

Then one day...something strange happened. When Annie started punching you up, she hit you right in the jawline, causing you to choke up blood every 5 seconds.
"STOP IT YOU COLD BLOODED BASTARD!" You would scream. But of course it never worked. Your vision and hearing started to get bad, but then you heard a : "Tch. You should've held still so I could've gotten a cleaner cut. Bitch." Then you saw a hand extend out to you.
"Are you ok pretty girl?" - Levi.
You accepted his hand and stood up, and wobbled a bit, but Levi still supported you.
"I-I think so. Just forget it."
"Just forget it? But you're hurt."
"I'm not hurt! I can take care of myself..."
"Well you certainly couldn't back there. But she's scared now. Look at her."
You did as you said and looked at Annie. She was a bloody mess. Her tears of fear mixed with her blood.
"Thanks..." You said as you looked at your hands. He still hadn't taken his hand off of yours.
"Why don't you sit next to me so I can protect you."
"I think I'm ok, thanks though." You smiled and tried to get his grasp off of you.
"Let's rephrase this. You're siting with me from now on."
"But what about Jean and Eren?"
"I think they're ok by themselves..."
He said as he pulled you over to where he was sitting. You both sat down and your vision started to get blurry again.
"Can you get me out of class..." You barely said.
"I'm afraid I can't but I can take you back to my place and say that you went out sick..." He said worriedly.
"That would be nice...thank you..." You fell on his shoulder and he wrapped his hand around your back.
"Go to sleep. I'll inform the principal."
Then, you blacked out.

The next time you opened your eyes, you were in a spotless house and you were on a couch. Levi was staring at you while drinking his tea.
"Better? You passed out on my shoulder after I told you you could fall asleep." He took another sip of his tea, but kept his glance at your e/c eyes.
"I think so. I just want to sleep and not wake up..."
"Why so?" He cocked his head.
"I'm...I don't wanna talk about it." You sifted your position so that you were sitting up.
"May I see something?" He quickly said. And without a chance to even reply, he walked over you you, and lifted your shirt up a little just to see your hips. There were little cat scratched there.
"I knew it."
"You found out..." You giggled nervously. "I have a cat!"
"No you don't. You don't have any pets. If you did, you would've gone out of your house more often to get food for it."

Damn he's good....

"I'm gonna go to sleep..." And you passed out. But before you did, you saw him move over to you and sit down next to you.
"You're safe here. I'll protect you."
And you truly did feel safe....

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