Chapter 20: One in the Morning

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When I woke up, the sun was shining nicely into my room. I looked at my phone and it was 10:30 am on a Saturday. I finished all of my homework yesterday so I had my whole weekend free. I stretched my arms and went into the bathroom to wash up. 

Going down the stairs, I smelled the scent of pancakes and hot chocolate. "Mom, you're up earlier than usual." I made my way into the kitchen and saw that it wasn't my mom standing by the stove, but that other guy. Oh that's right, mom's in Daegu...

"Oh, you're here already." I said to that guy who helped make me. I guess after all of these years of not calling someone "dad," it was a weird thing to say. 

"Hi Jieun! I just came 30 minutes ago because I wanted have a lot of time together," He placed the stack of pancakes on the table set up a plate for me. "I know that some pancakes aren't going to magically fix the relationship that we have but maybe it could be a baby step?" His smile turned weak when he saw that I didn't give him a reaction, "Has your mom been saying a lot of bad things about me? Well...I don't blame her."

"No it's not that," I said, taking a bite of my breakfast. "She actually doesn't talk about you at all. Hmm, these taste pretty good."

"Oh do you like them? I can make more tomorrow if you'd like." He beamed at my simple compliment. 

"Mmmm, you said you wanted to do something together?" 

"Yeah! I was thinking we could spend the day doing whatever you want."

I gave a small smile. Even though he and mom broke it off before I really got to know him, he seems like a decent person. And if he wants to start building a relationship with me now, there's no reason for me to be against it, especially if mom was the one who wanted us to meet again. 

"Ok, I'll just go upstairs and get dressed." I headed back to my room and put on some jeans and a top. As I was going back down, my phone rang, "Yongguk?"

"Hey Jieun, wanna go do something today?"

"Jieun, ready to go?" My dad said, grabbing his wallet. 

"Sorry Yongguk, my dad and I are going to go out--" I opened the front door and saw Yongguk already standing on the other side. 

"Oh...hey," He hung up his phone and put it in his back pocket. 

"Oh it's you," My dad stood behind me and I guess he was having a staring competition with Yongguk. 

[Yongguk's POV]

Her dad was staring me down and I stared back at him. 

Then I remembered that I wanted to get her dad to like me so I smiled, "Good morning Mr. Song, it's nice to see you again." I greeted him in the same polite boy next door way that I greeted Jieun's mom the first time I met her. 

"Song is Jieun's mother's last name." Her dad said to me. 

"Uh Yongguk, you can just call him uh..." Jieun stared at her dad as if she didn't even know his name, "Oh, mom actually never told me your last name..." Ok, turns out she didn't know his name. 

"I was your boss last summer, and you don't even remember my name?" Jieun's dad said. 

"I'm sorry, sir," I bowed to him. 

"My last name is Nam."  I looked up and saw that he wasn't saying it to me, but to Jieun. "Well my daughter and I are going to spend some time together, so if you would excuse us."

I stepped to the side to let Mr. Nam through. Jieun slowly stepped out of the house and stopped in front of me. 

"I'll just be gone for a few hours. I'll text you when I get back ok?"

I sighed, but just nodded. There wasn't anything I could do. She grabbed my hand then released it and I watched her get into the car with her dad. 

[Jieun's POV]

"Thanks for treating me out today, Dad," It was 7 o'clock and we were driving home from our day out. We went shopping and he let me buy whatever I wanted, afterwards, we went to lunch, and then Namsan Tower. It was all really fun. 

"You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm really tired, I don't have the kind of stamina that you do. When we get to the house, I'll probably fall asleep in front of the TV."

"Oh dad actually, can you drop me off here?" I looked out the window and saw that we were driving in Yongguk's neighborhood. If dad was just going to sleep when we get home, I could probably stay out a little longer. 

"Yeah sure," He turned on his signal and parked by the curb, "is this your friends' house?"

"Mhm, Yongguk lives here," I said, getting out of the car and closing it.

"Wait, what?" My dad called out, but I was already heading up the steps to Yongguk's house. I rang the doorbell and Yongguk answered. I turned around and waved to my dad who just looked at us and drove away. 

"Your dad dropped you off here?" Yongguk asked surprised. 

"Yeah, we were driving passed and I asked him to drop me off here. Sorry I didn't give you a heads up that I was coming."

"No it's fine," Yongguk lead me to the living room, "But your dad hates me though."

"I'm sorry." She's not even denying it. "I wanted to talk to him about it later tonight." 

"Nah don't do that. I wanna get him to like me on his own."

"Don't think too much about it. I think that's the way all dads act for their teenage daughters." 

[Yongguk's POV]

"Yongguk! What time is it?!?!" I opened my eyes and Jieun was hitting my chest. We were both still on the couch and it was really dark outside. 

"Where's my bag???" I could hear her moving around but it was too dark in my house to see anything. "Give me your phone." She turned me over so that I was on my side and tried finding my phone in my back pockets. She was really aggressive. Finally she found my phone and used the light to find her bag. "It's already 1 in the morning!" She unlocked her phone and started listening to her voicemail. 

I got up from the couch and found the light switch. Jieun was already running to put on her shoes, "Can you drive me home please?"


"Why didn't you wake me up? You shouldn't have let me sleep," Jieun was really stressed out right now and I was trying to drive as fast as I could (well not really because I didn't want to die).

"Sorry, I fell asleep too."

"Just imagine, what if I didn't wake up when I did?? What if I spent the whole night at your house?!" 

"Is that really so bad?" I glanced at her and grinned but she wasn't in the mood for joking around right now. 

"My dad is going to be so mad."

I parked in her driveway and she rushed out, "Thanks, bye."

I took the keys out of the ignition and hurried after Jieun to walk her to the door. Just before she unlocked the door, her dad already opened it.

"I called you so many times and you're only coming home now??"

"I'm sorry," Jieun bowed to her dad, "I just..."

"It was my fault. We lost track of the time and--"

"Of course it would be your fault," Mr. Nam spat. "Jieun, come inside."

"Bye, Yongguk. Thanks for driving me home," Jieun said softly and stepped inside her house.

"I'm really sorry sir, it was an acciden------" Ok. He just closed the door in my face. So much for getting her dad to like me.

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