"What is your ideal type?" the interviewee ask me.

I think first before I answer.

"Someone who has his own charm. Has his own vision and dream."

"What usually you attracted to men?"

"I'm actually attracted to men without double eyelids."

After the interview we fix ourselves.

"Lovelyz!!" Lee Soojung / Baby Soul unnie called us.

"What is it, unnie?" Ryu Sujeong ask.

"We will be performing at Dream Concert. Together with our sunbae."


"For real??" Mijoo ask with amusement in her voice.

"Yep. Together with the other sunbaes."



I was sleeping that time when someones' shout. I hurriedly when out.

I saw my unnies in the sala. I think they're watching something.

"Yein-ah. Come here." Jin-unnie said. So I went with them.

"What's that ??" i ask curiously.

"Have you read this article already?" Jiae-unnie ask me.

"I haven't." i said ask my brows knot. "Why?"

"Jungkook sunbaenim is really has a resemblance on you!" they said in unison.


Kei-unnie handed me the tablet.

"Read that article. And you will know what weare talking about."

* BTS maknae Jeon Jungkook and Lovelyz maknae Jung Yein is really look alike at each other.

The people thought that they are siblings. While the others ship them as an OTP.*

I almost throw the tablet because of shockness.

"What can you say about that Yeinnie?" Mijoo-unnie ask me with a teasing voice.

"How can people ship me to him? In the first place, we haven't meet each other yet??"

"Just wait in the Dream Concert." Jin-unnie said.

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