Chapter Fourteen: Just a Moment

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      I wished he would wipe that freaking smirk off his rugged face.

      It was true I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss even when I tried to busy my mind with other things. Every day I went to school and saw him it sent a disturbing feeling in the pit of my stomach that I knew wasn't all just nerves. It couldn't be. I had only ever felt that feeling once and all it resulted in was pain.

      I didn't want to hurt anymore.

      He couldn't be here embracing me when he had a wife at home that was probably wondering where he was. He couldn't be here embracing me when Kitty was at home none the wiser. He couldn't be here embracing me because...I didn't want it.

      No, that was a lie. It wasn't the fact I didn't want it. I just...I didn't need it. I didn't need him coming here every freaking day basically stalking me, telling my coworkers-no-lying to my coworkers about the fact he loved me. He couldn't love me. He just couldn't.

      And he certainly couldn't keep coming here ruining my business. Every time he came and ruined a deal it would take money away from Kitty and I couldn't let that keep happening.

      I wasn't sure how I could prevent that from happening other than having him beaten to a pulp and I didn't want that. I didn't want to owe anything to Javier and I certainly didn't want him hurt. But I was tired of his persistence. Extremely tired.

      "Just leave." I told him sternly. "Leave or I'll-"

      "You'll what?" He crossed his arms fluidly over his muscled chest and I couldn't help but want to see him naked again. I could only rely on that one memory and his body kept merging with all the others that I had been with lately making it hard to remember what he looked like under that perfectly fitted shirt.

      "Or I'll have you removed from this establishment." I sighed. "And you will be banned from stepping foot through those doors."

      He was silent for a moment. "The reason I'm here-"

      "Is because you think you feel something that's not there. I know. I know what this is, it has happened before and I had him removed, too. I will not hesitate to have Mickey throw you out."

      He stepped forward and I resisted the urge to back down when he stepped into my personal space. My heart thumped loudly in my ears as he brought his hand to my face and bent down, face hovering just inches from mine.

      "Don't tell me what I'm feeling." His breath brushed my cheeks and I found it hard to fulfill my threat. "And don't tell me you're not feeling this, too. I don't give a damn what happened before with whoever. I care about this. What this is."

      And whatever this was felt damn good. His hand slid to the back of my neck and he just held me for a moment, letting the warmth of it spread across my flesh.

      Then he just...pulled away and broke all contact with me, leaving me wanting him more.

      "If this is what you want...okay. Fine. I'll stop. I will...try to stop harassing you." He backed away from me and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "I will keep as much distance as you want."

      He left the room then and I sat on the couch, bringing my hand to where his once rested. I sat there for a moment wondering if him leaving me alone was what I really wanted and settled on yes being my answer. I didn't need him in my life.

      But as the door opened to my room I had hoped it was him and not John coming to see me. I had hoped he would go back on his word, forget what I had just said and kiss me like he had in his classroom. But that didn't happen.

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