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"Now, I can see why Hunter has an interest in you." Jemma said. I groan in annoyance. 

"How many times have I told you that we are just really close friends." I told her. 

"Last time you said that, you ended up dating Ward." Jemma said to me, passing me another file. 

"We were never close friends. We were co-workers who had interest for each other." I told her. 

"What I'm saying is, you both look cute together. You both attractive people, and attractive people are cute together." Jemma told me. I held back a laugh. "Don't tell you aren't interested on his neither. Specially on his sarcastic humor of his." Jemma added. 

"Yeah, he cracks me up. Also, I will admit that his is attractive and everything. However, we are only friends." I told her. Jemma rolled her eyes at me. "I could say the same thing about you and Fitz. You both are so in love with each other." I joked. Jemma's smiled died down. 

"We stopped being friends after the deep water incident." Jemma said. I put a supporting hand on her shoulder. 

"He will come around. Nothing can step the bond of you too." I reassured her. 

"Are you jealous of Bobbie?" Jemma asked me. 

"No, I think she is pretty badass." I told her. 

"Have you kissed Hunter?" She asked me. 

"No, can we focus on other thing that isn't Hunter?" I asked her. 

"I'm just trying to state my point. You have this guy falling for you right in front of your eyes. Why don't you take a chance." Jemma begged me. 

"I had other things to take care off?" I told him. 

"Don't let work get in the way of a chance for you to be happy." Jemma said. She moved her chair closer to me. "Look, I know you had been scared by the whole Ward thing." Jemma said. 

"No shit." I cut her off. Jemma rolled her eyes again. 

"But you can at least try right." Jemma said. 

"Now, I know how Cap feels when Natasha is trying to pair him up." I told her. "Alright, I will try having a relationship with a guy." I told her. 

"And it can't be Ward." Jemma corrected me. 

"God it, English." I teased her. Jemma let a high pitched squeal, making me jumped on my seat. "What the hell?" I asked her. 

"I found something." She said, handing me me the file. I read the file, then the signed. 

"Anything yet?" May asked, entering. 

"Yes," I told her, handing her the file. 

"It is an 0-8-4 report signed by Peggy Carter." Jemma said excited. May kept her blank expression she always had. "Did you heard what I said? Peggy Carter, founder of the SSR, which happens to be British; held this in her hand." Jemma said. 

"The file just mentions Red Skull and The Amazing Howling Commandos. The Howling Commandos took a Red Skull's commander Righthall." I told her. 

"But either way, it doesn't have any other useful information." Jemma added. "This is all the files we got." 

"Not all of them." May said. She walked up to a panel next to a wall. She took a set of keys from a hole. "Peggy Carter hided a lot of things here." May said with a smirk. Jemma and me shared a knowing look. 

"What are we waiting on then?" I asked them. 

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