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~ Anastasia ~

I sat in a chair in perfect posture, with my black sundress hanging from the sides as I listened to my father, Richard Belmonte giving a speech about how he's just finished more of his new Belmonte hotels all over the world and plans to renovate the old ones at one of his usual socialist party.

All eyes are focused on my father. I'm surrounded by men, women, kids and teenagers all of my age from wealthy backgrounds. This all the same to me and so I'm very well used to being around these kinds of people.

Everyone in this very room sat in prefecture posture, spoke in a poised voice and stuck their heads up high. Basically everyone in this room was an average stuck up person.

"Well look who it is. My beautiful and stunning girlfriend."

His voice is too familiar. I don't even bother to turn go look at him.

"I'm not your girlfriend anymore Declan." I state, glancing over at my ex who was dressed in elegant attire that consisted of a white dress shirt and blank dress pants. His hair styled perfectly to the side. Just like every male in the room.

"Oh, come on Anastasia. It's been a week now, we always get back together. Don't tell me you don't miss me preciosa. Besides I miss my feisty little Latina." Declan speaks in a low voice leaning closer to me when he took a seat besides me.

"This isn't a game Declan. You should of thought of this before you cheated on me." I scoffed, pushing the rude male away from me. "Baby, I know your mad but I know you'll get over this. Besides you need me to be happy." Declan nonchalantly replies.

"Your wrong. I don't need you. Yo puedo ser feliz contigo o sin ti. A si que deja de fastidiarme." Getting up from my seat, I walked past the room to the other side the room where I was able to get away out the door, even with everyone's eyes staring at my every movement.

"Señorita Belmonte, a sucedido algo?" Celia one of the house servants asks if I'm alright, stoping me just as I reached for the front door of my house out. "I just need some fresh air." I answer, sliding out the door.

Fresh air... That's what I needed after being stuck in a room full of stuck up, rude people just like Declan.

Declan and I go way back for as far as I remember. His family is friends with mine, and we did go to the same private school almost our whole life before college. I always used to think Declan was this nice and sweet caring boy until I actual gave him my time and dated him.

Turns out I was wrong. All Declan really cared about was all the materialistic things that he could show off. Thats what he practically did with me since my family is wealthier than his. He treated me like a prize and always showed me off, but not in a way one would of liked too. All he ever did was brag about who great, and powerful my family was.

Declan claimed so many times that he loved me, but that was a complete lie. I mean how can you love someone and cheat on them twice? It was my mistake to forgive Declan the first time I caught him kissing Kate, a girl from our little friend group we had. Then recently two weeks ago I caught him with her again, but I've learned my lesson. I don't need him.

I guess when your grown up with people just like you, they all turn out to be fake. All those people like me are greedy. They want more money, more power and more respect. These people will stop at nothing to what they want and hurt others because they can never get enough of what they already have, well besides me.

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