BONUS [ Chapter 2 part II ]

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Author's POV:

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Author's POV:

Shivanya and her mother-in-law were in the Kitchen right now.

"Beta you just prepare the sweet dish and the staff will make the breakfast" her mother-in-law said to her

"It's completely fine mom, I used to love cooking for my family, ab ap bahr baithiye and enjoy your tea" Shivanya insisted

"Okay but if you feel tired then call me or someone from the staff okay" Her mother-in-law said patting her head and went outside

Shivanya's POV:

"What should I start with?" I mumbled to myself

"Let's start with the Aalo ke parathe and green chutney, it's the best combination"

"Okay Aalo ke parathe" ✅

"Green chutney" ✅

"Sweet dish kya bnani hai ye toh puchna bhul gyi"
(But I forgot to ask about which sweet dish I should make)


A notification slided on my mobile screen

Unknown number

I ignored it thinking it's a spam

Ping! again

It's the same number, I decided to open it
Unknown Number

"Mere liye gajar k halwa"
(Gajar k halwa for me)

"Mujhse toh pucha hi nhi 😏"
(You didn't ask me)

(I asked being confused)

"Kiski biwi hain ap?"
(Who's wife are you?)

"Tumhe usse kya chhachhundar khi ke aaj ke baad
yha message kiya n toh tange tod dungi"
(It's none of your business chhachhundar

If you messaged here again I'll break your legs)


I kept my phone on the kitchen slab,

By the way whoever he was he gave a nice idea, Thanks Creep!

After almost 30 minutes everything got ready

'Mira Aunty ap ye sab table par lga dijiye' I said to our house help

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