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Taylor's POV
"I can't believe Marina can rap......" Nate said "I know I was clearly schocked" Jack J said.
"Sam are you gonna hit on jennifer" Jack G says "Well I mean she is pretty and all that but she has jai"Sam says
"Uh didn't you heard he left" I say in a duh tone he just rolls his eyes. "I heard Jennifer sings good too" Jack J says.

-the bell rings-

I go to my locker and I see Marina on Hayes's back I just kept on staring at Marina.
I got my books closed my locker and left to class.

We all sat down then I saw Marina come to the door, she whispers to the teacher and she nods.

"Mr. Caniff please follow Marina" the teacher says. I got up and followed Marina I then said "where are we going" "ELA you need to sign something" she says in reply

After signing up for my class I have to take I went back to class and right then I sat down, the bell rang.

Nash's POV

The bell rang and I just ran out of class went to my locker and got my chips. I then walk to our squad\gang .

"CUBIC HAIR" I yelled when I saw everyone they all laughed. I started to eat my chips

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