Blake and my apartment came up first and when she kept walking, lost in her own thoughts, I stopped her momentarily. “If you need anything I’m here okay?” My eyes probed hers, just trying to extract some clue as to what was going on in her busy mind.

“Thanks” she murmured and pecked me lightly on the cheek before walking off with Helena.  Blake strolled into the apartment with a grin plastered to his lips and it only made my mood worsen to know he was happy when I wasn’t. It was childish but I didn’t care. Slamming the door behind me I began to make my way to the bedroom when he started humming an annoyingly happy tune.

“What glitter and sparkle bug flew up your ass to make you so damn happy?” I grumbled leaning against the doorway.

Blake looked at me from the corner of his eye and grinned. “Helena”

“Helena? Ahh, right... you have a thing for her. What about her?” I sighed heavily. I might as well listen to take my mind off Val.


“I’m not your bro...”

“Bro, she’s something different. She acts all shy and peaceful but in Combat she was like a totally different person. She’s strong and smart and so down to earth you know?”

This was touchy feely talk. I didn’t like touchy feely talk. “I guess” I shrugged my shoulders, “I always knew she had a strong side but she keeps it hidden”

“Yeah” Blake stared off blankly at the wall, “I want to know more about her. I want to actually get to know her”

“Then get to know her. It’s not that hard, talking usually gets people to know each other” I rolled my eyes. I wanted to just move away to the bedroom and sleep the rest of the afternoon off. Kayla was a good Healer but while she could heal the wounds she doesn’t really get far in removing the left over aches. Blake, however, kept talking about Helena and it was soon making me feel too awkward around him.

Okay! Go to her then! I don’t want to have a bloody heart to heart with you Frosty! I’ll drag Val out of the apartment and you two can talk or whatever!” Blake had just about talked my ear off about ‘Helena this’ or ‘Helena that’ and I had had enough.

I took a quick shower and changed into clean clothes before storming out of the apartment and towards Val’s. Just as I was about to knock when the door flew open and Helena stood in the doorway with a surprised expression colouring her face. “Oh hi Derrek”

“Hey... where’s Tadpole?” I wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries and despite Helena being a good person, I’d heard enough of her from Blake.

“She’s gone down with Cara for her personal lesson. She think it’s better for her if she goes with Cara” Helena shrugged. I felt frustration and worry fill me. Something always goes wrong when Val is with Elementals. It’s not Cara’s fault per se, but one of these days if she’s not careful Val could die and the Healers won’t be able to do anything for her.

“Hey Helena” I heard Blake’s voice behind me. I could already tell he was smiling.

“I’ll leave you two be-“

“You don’t have to!” Helena cut me off.

“No, I really do. Blake is nothing but a pain in my ass and he’s already talked my ear off as it is. You two have fun” I moved out of the way and Blake practically skipped inside closing the door behind him.

I dragged my feet back to the apartment and waited... I just knew something was going to happen. Nothing good ever comes from Val hanging around with Elementals.

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