So Not Cliche 7

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Okay so for some reason, I typed up some things in the last chapter but I guess it didn't save it. So sorry for the awkward ending last chapter!

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You look at Yukine, hoping that he would explain Yato's bad attitude. He rolls his eyes before turning to me.

"He's just upset because he lost the president spot to Bishamon. But it was a no brainer. No one likes Yato." Yato freezes in pain from the insult. You laugh, hiding your smile behind your hand.

"Everybody wants to be a Yatoite!" He cries out.

Yukine gives him a 'are you stupid?' look. "No one wants to be a Yatoite!"

The bells rings but they were still going at it. You sigh, pinch Yukine's ear and drag him away. "Bye Yato!" You call out, pulling Yukine behind you.


It was after school now but you were still there, working on the festival plans. 

"So we could maybe set up a board with the list of available booths. Everyone can sign what they want and if there are extra booths, we'll just assign them to people." You tell Yukine. He nods in agreement.

"I can make up the plans tonight. We don't have a printer though." You frown.

"Just send them to me and I'll print them. So four correct? For each wing?" He asks you. You nod then stand up.

"Let's get going then. My mother is going to freak if it gets too dark." You pick up you bag then hear soft pinging on the windows. Going over, you see it that it has started to run. "Aw man." You groan.

Yukine joins you then sighs. "I didn't bring my umbrella today." You both walk down to the front and switch your shoes. He stands still for a while then grins. "I know!" He pulls off his jacket and squats down. "Hop on."

Your face heats up. "W-w-what?! But how is that going to help?" You exclaim.

"You get on and put my jacket over us." He smiles and pats his back. "Hurry up, I want to go eat." You roll your eyes then hesitantly wrap your legs around his waist. He hands you his jacket before weaving his arms under you thighs. 

"Let's go!" He jumps up and you squeal, throwing the jacket over you two and tighten your legs.

"Yukine! You're going to make us fall!" You cry out but you can imagine him grinning. When he steps out of the building, you two were instantly soaked.

"This isn't helping!" You tell him in his ear. He looks behind at you and shrugs before continuing walking. You rest your head against his shoulder, listening to his breathing mixed with the sound of falling water. You two were soaked but that didn't matter to you. You were so close to him... you could smell his sweat mixed with the wet concrete odor. All of a sudden, a car drives past you and covers you both in mud packed water. Your mouth opens in disgust.

"Aw man." You sigh and slid off of Yukine. "There's no point in trying to stay dry anymore." Yukine looked a little disappointed but that couldn't be right. You start wiping off the mud and walk by yourself, Yukine beside you. The walk back wasn't tense but it seemed as if he was upset. When you two reached your house. you didn't know what to say.

Instead you brushed some dried mud out of his hair. He looks up at you, wide eyed, and you smile.

"I'll see you later." You tell him quietly. He starts leaning forward and your breath catches in your throat. Is he... going to kiss you?

"I can see your bra." He whispers in your ear before running away, laughing.

"Yukine!" You scream, throwing your shoe at him. He dodges it then jumps inside. Huffing, you stomp over, picking up your shoe, then stomp back inside, slamming the door.


Woah late much so sorry. I forgot about updating but here it is! So now Yukine has seen both your underwear and your bra. oops. Yukine is much a perv cx


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