Chapter 2

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"All I wanted to know
Was if you could know
If I ever trusted you..."

A girl with blonde waves and small blue eyes is sitting at a corner of a couch, singing with a fascinating and luring tone the melody that is slowly capturing the boys' attention. The way she sings at first recalls the sound of a lullaby; yet, it's hypnotic, magnetic, charming.

The boys are conquered by her sultry and rich notes, whereas the majority of the girls are indifferent. In particular, one of them, whose blonde hair is tied in a tight ponytail and who's wearing glasses, shakes her head disapprovingly and disappears into the kitchen.

Unlike her, Jennifer is interested in those verses. They're so refreshing, inspiring; although they sound melancholic, they are a source of happiness and calmness in an otherwise nerve-wrecking atmosphere. As the blonde stops singing, she approaches her, complimenting her.

"You really nailed it, Hayley," she states, making the petite blonde blush and earning a sincere smile. "Those verses somehow brought some fresh air to this depressing place. I mean, there's not even anything to eat!" As the blue-haired girl complains, Hayley bursts into laughter.

"That can't be possible, Jenn. There must be something to eat, or else whoever took us here just wants to leave us starving." Hayley, though sounding dramaticly funny, is serious. She believes that the lack of food is going to affect the general mood seriously.

"Perhaps the mysterious voice can help us. Why don't we ask it for help?" suggests a fair-haired girl, who's fidgeting with one of her colored bracelets on her left wrist. Jennifer glances at her and smiles, believing that this is a good idea.

However, Keaton shakes his head and intervenes, "That's not a good idea, Maisy." She groans, looking away from him and ignoring his words. He, however, still believes that asking the voice for help might be useless.

Maisy insists, "We should at least try," earning approval from some of the girls, including Jennifer, and boys, especially Kane. Still, without everyone's approval, the idea can't be put into practice, so this means that they'll have to retrieve food all by themselves.

Meanwhile, another boy, wearing a white shirt and a tie, finds a remote control at a corner of the couch where he's sitting. He presses the red button and suddenly the TV turns on. Hoping to find something interesting to watch, he zaps through channels, but finds nothing as the screen is still black. "There must be no signal," he comments.

He turns to Jennifer, who makes a sign to hand her the remote control. "Let me try, Kayden. Perhaps I can try to find something that we can see." As she changes channels, however, the result keeps being the same. Or, at least, until she turns to channel 62.

She gasps as she hears the TV producing sound, but there's still no video. "You thought you could watch some TV to get distracted, right?" Everyone stares at each other, confused and not knowing what exactly is happening. However, Jennifer has a strange feeling about the television's audio.

"And you also thought that you could have a snack in peace." Jennifer's doubt turns into suspicion as she hears this statement. How can the voice know that the group was looking for food and entertainment? How does it know what they do every time?

"Wh-who's t-talking?" Jennifer is now stuttering, trying not to quiver her lips, but rather stay confident instead. Meanwhile, the blonde girl with glasses has since got back to the living room with the remainder of the group, eventually taking a seat and glaring at Jennifer and Maisy.

"Wow. Finally someone asking questions. That's good." The girls, with the exception of the blonde with glasses, are now cluttered to each other, whereas the boys are looking around, wondering whether there is a ghost or any kind of supernatural presence.

The mysterious voice reprises talking; a deadly silence falls in the room as everyone is locking their eyes on the screen. "I'm the Voice, and this is my house. If you want to stay here and be good, then you have to tell me a convincing story. Is it okay?" The last question is blurted out in a menacious tone, which prompts everyone to just nod, without voicing their opinions.

"If you all tell me a good story, then you'll be able to eat, sleep and watch TV. If you don't, then I'll wash all of you away. Do you understand?" Everyone nods again, with someone exchanging glances, whereas Maisy is fidgeting again with her bracelets.

Kayden asks, "Excuse me, do we have to tell a story right now?" He doesn't feel like telling stories as a price to avoid death, and this also applies to the rest of the group. What he needs to realize, however, is that it's the only way to grant survival, at least short term.

The Voice hisses, "There are no other options. You either tell me a story or get ready to be washed away right now." Kayden groans, dejected and disappointed. He hates telling stories especially because he's been forced to tell his little sister silly tales to make her sleep for so many years. Doing so would mean take a huge leap back in the past and would probably earn him unjustified mockery.

Now, the Voice is silent. This allows the group to think of a way to stay in the house and, at the same time, plan a convincing exit strategy. "Who wants to start?" asks a girl hesitantly. She has brown hair collected in a ponytail and big brown eyes, which are scanning the room, occasionally eyeing the boys.

In particular, Keaton catches her glimpse and replies, "I'd start, if you want, but right now I have no ideas." The girl stares at him in disbelief, before trying to persuade him, "Come on, Keaton, I know you have good ideas. Just make an effort."

"Stop insisting, Leigh!" he snaps, after which he lowers his head, rubbing his forehead out of frustration. Leigh then turns her glance to another girl, a brunette whose bright red lips violently clash with the greyness of the surrounding environment.

The latter raises her hand, then states in a resolute voice, "I'll start. Let's get away with this."

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