teleportATION and explanATION

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hiccup p.o.v:

i can't believe that our elder ' gothi' choosed me to kill the monsterous nightmare, dad is very proud, the villagers are cheering my name and astrid want to kill me right now .then suddenly we saw a flash of light before we landed  with several thumps.
we grouned as we sat up . we were all there
"excuse me sir, i don't want any harm!" we heard a calm and kind voice.
we turned to see a girl of our age with light golden brown hair and green eyes, wearing a pair of light blue jeans and a shirt written on it'I <3DRAGONS'.
"WHO ARE YOU?" says dad his voice calming a bit
"alexandra, sir but please call me alex" we nodded.
"why are we here?"
"i brought you here to watch a movie! and a movie is a bunch of pictures moving with sound, the movie is about the pride of your island berk"
"who is it?"
"it is your hero who made the greatest event in the viking history, he made peace with your biggest ennemies, DRAGONS!!"
"WHAT!?" some vikings yelled "yes!"
"and who is this hero?"
"the dragon conqueror? oh you'll know sooner than you think, so this movie called 'how to train your dragon 2' it takes place 5 years away from now!"
"Alright" dad says
"but before,you have to know what happened during this five years so please take a seat and i will explain" she showed us where to sit i was with the gang in the front seats
"where are our weapons?"says gobber then all the viking start asking "oh yea, i forgot to tell you that i took them from you cause you will attack our guests" she gestured to a place
then a viking yelled "DRAGONS!"
"don't be scared please they were here since you came here and they didn't do anything to you so please don't hurt them" people sighed and sat back in their seats .

"so i will start exlaining" she said and sat infront of us
"you didn't listen to your hero after you knew that he found the dragons' nest so you all went there to attack the nest but get surprised by the dragons' 'queen bea'"
"the red death!"interrupted fishlegs
"exactly! so he made a crazy plan to save the island and all of you and he did it but he lost his left foot and now you and the dragons are friends!"
"and this hero is.."dad said
"with all my respect sir, i can't tell you because this will ruin the surprise" dad noded"so shall we start?" we noded and she pressed a button and the movie started .



so this is my second book i know you don't like my first book alot and hope you'll enjoy this one.

so see you all in the net chapter !!

love, MARY! °

(th e author left the studio cause he has nothing to say!)


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