1- Arriving At The Dorm

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「 a r r i v i n g a t t h e d o r m 」

"So your name is Woozi?"

I looked around the dorm as the blonde haired boy begins to get his words ready. He didn't seem intimidating at first, but once we started the conversation going I was almost afraid of him. Almost. The only reason was because of the fact of his confidence and his- well being up front about things. For example he pointed out my hair was a mess. But don't blame me, it's not my fault I was on a plane for hours asleep on some random women's shoulder.

"Well actually it's Jihoon, but Woozi is also an option to call me." The boy grins, his eyes nearly closed. "And your name is-?"

"Oh! I'm Minhee Chwe!" I quickly bow introducing myself. Did I come off as rude? I pop up at a dorm to have this boy open it up without even telling him my name, go figure.

"Ah Vernon's sister!" The boy looked surprised and I wonder if Hansol even warned his group members his sister was coming to visit for a month. Did he think he was talking to a random girl? How could he? I was at their dorm! "I totally let that slip my mind!" Jihoon then ran out of the average sized room, calling some names including Hansol. Not seconds later he came back into the sitting area where he left me. Behind him, stood 7 taller guys.

"Minhee! When'd you get here?!" Hansol spoke in fluent english, with his arms out ready to take the breath out of me. Not a second later, I feel his arms wrap around me in a tight embrace. I suppress a small laugh, noticing how much he was genuinely surprised to see me.

"Not 2 hours ago! The airport is really close by I actually didn't expect that." Hansol looked over my shoulder to see my suitcases laying by the small entrance.

"Oh my god, I just can't believe you're actually here! I missed you so much!"

"Well of course you did. You love me too much to not." I joke as he hugs me once more.

"Waah! Minhee looks nothing like Vernon! I thought they were supposed to be twins!" A guy, who looked to be the youngest of the group says clearly with widened eyes.

"We're not that different if you really look at us." Hansol speaks aloud as we turn to face the 7 boys. "Ah Minhee these are the boys- well most of them. Let me introduce you! Hansol makes everyone take a seat. Surprisingly enough, there were many seats in the regular sized room.

"As you already know, this is Jihoon also known as Woozi!" Jihoon smiles and waves slightly. "This is Junhui and Lee Chan!" He points to two guys. In fact, I think one was a bit younger than me.

"Annyeonghaseyo!" The three of us say at the same time and I chuckle a bit at the synchronization.

"I hope we get along well~" I smile as the younger looking one steps closer.

"Yeah we can be like best friends, Minhee noona! Call me Dino!"

"Ah so you are younger than me! What year were you born in?" I ask immediately diving into conversation.

"1999!" Chan smiles proudly.

"We're only apart by one year?" I ask, not believing it. He was just so cute and innocent looking! How was that possible? "You look so young!" I continue as Hansol only laughs bringing my attention towards him.

"Anyways, Minhee-ah.. This is Seokmin his stage name however is Dokyum, that is Jeonghan! Lastly, this is Seungkwan and Wonwoo!" He introduces the four sitting on a single couch. They all looked pretty friendly enough.

"Ahh look it's your future best friend!" Seungkwan, I believe, says in a joking way and I only shake my head with a laugh. I quickly introduce myself as Hansol's twin sister that looks nothing like him while they all agreed but greeted me with welcoming smiles.

"Too bad the others are out for the moment." Jihoon says shaking his head.

"Ah really! They're always out when it comes to important things." Seungkwan begins to complain as well as some others.

Suddenly the door opens to a small group of guys. Talk about good timing. A blonde was chasing a taller brown haired guy, who looked to be the eldest. The blonde had a huge smile on his face as well as the guy he was chasing. Hm, charming.

"Yah hyungs! Come meet my sister!" Suddenly all eyes were on me, I simply smile and bow.

"Hello everyone! I am Minhee Chwe, Hansol's twin sister! It's nice to finally meet you all!" I then hear many introductions and see yet again the welcoming smiles. Honestly, I zoned out while they introduced themselves. Do they expect me to learn all their names in one sitting?!

One of the boys that came in was like a giant which was a bit intimidating, but his face literally screamed "friendly" so it wasn't anything bad.

"I'm Hoshi!" The blonde speaks aloud which gained my attention. He puts a small cute smile on his face and bows. "Hello Minhee!" He waves with his eye smile. I wave hesitantly but Hansol then pulls me away from everyone else as they all begin to joke around. Sometimes I see the boys turn back to steal another glance at me as we haven't spent much time together.

"Okay. Explain." Hansol furrows his eyebrows.

"Okay you get straight to the point." I start off. "Well mom and dad wanted me to spend as much time with you before your busy schedule when you officially debut so that's one. Oh and i'm actually staying for the month."

"And?" Hansol looked impatient as if that wasn't enough of a reason. I sigh and turn back to look Hansol in the eyes.

"Grandfather is sick." I say with a straight face, wanting to be there for Hansol. "He's still at home with mom and dad. They want to spend time with him a bit." He clears his throat quickly.

"How are you taking it?" I nod my head as if saying "fine" because I had in fact known for a while longer than Hansol. I had time to think about everything. Not to mention the fact that Hansol was closer to out grandfather more than I ever was. He had to have it worse.

"Okay now let's get to know the boys!" I say with a cheerful tone, wanting to change the subject fast. Only for the reasons of not stressing Hansol out with this news.

"Minhee! Minhee! Minhee!" The members chant, impatient with Hansol and I. It was amazing how comfortable they were with me already. I'm pretty sure this was gonna be a good month.

Author's Note

okayy this is more of a prologue haha sorreh but bare with me this gets better after the first few chapters.. at least i'd like to think so haha please continue reading!!

Update :: (06/26/16) this is currently being edited so bare with me if you read a few mistakes or things that don't make sense!! it's all being revised

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