Birthdays (Clint & Natasha)

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The two of them were on the roof of Stark Towers, recently renamed The Avengers Tower during the dark and chilly Mid-March night. Natasha had been up for barely 6 minutes, when she heard Clint walk up from behind her and sit down with her, his feet hanging over edge like hers. They looked over the starry city below them fondly. Sipping the beers they had every now and then.

"Today's the anniversary." Natasha said after a few minutes of silence. Clint had been hiding his smirk for the entire time,
"Yep, it's now officially 6 years since the day you started over, congrats!!" He applauded, raising his bottle inthe motion of a toast.
"Thanks Clint." she chuckled, looking down at her feet and the busy manhattan streets 7+ storeys below.
"You know," Clint started, "Theres something i've always been meaning to ask you."
"And that is?"
"I still dunno what ur bday is nat." he admitted.
"Yeah, and?" she deadpanned sarcastically.
"And i wanna know it." he shot back with a smirk.
She looked at him analytically, and raised an eyebrow at him, "why?"
"We're partners Nat. Best friends, and we've known each other 6 years, and i think i should know what your birthdate is."

"Well," Natasha started, "i can't really help you out on that."
It was Clints turn to raise an eyebrow, "you don't know it, do you?" he pieced the pieces together.
She shook her head in response.
He sighed, "Well, then i think we should come up with one for you." he stated.
She looked at him funny, "Why?" she asked amused.
"I just think you should have a day thats for you, your birthday." 
"Again, why?"
"Because you should! something you can say is officially yours and nobody can take away!" Clint replied with a hint of hysteria.
"In case you forgot, it was taken a way." Natasha argued, continually failing to hide her amused smirk.

"No, you forgot it." Clint reasoned. Natasha looked thoughtful.
"Fine then, whens yours?" she countered. 
"April......" Natasha ushered his reply on.
"I think its the 16th." he admitted, "pretty sure it is anway." 
"Glad i'm not the only one whom forgot it, after Starks party back when i was undercover here, put it this way, he doesn't forget it, or lets anybody else forget it.
Clint chuckled, "yyeeaahh...... i can see that happening." he snorted.
Natasha whacked him on the upper arm, "ow!" he protested, holding it as if she had inflicted serious harm and faking a shocked expression on his face.
"You know i hated it!" she sent back, pursing her lips in a thin line of mock frustration.Then she smirked, "At least i know you'll be experiencing it this year."

Clints eyes went wide for a second, "nah-ah, not happening." he promised.
"And how could you possibly know that?" she asked dangerously.
"I'm on a mission." he countered.
"So am i."
"Cheers." Clint offered his beer bottle to seal the deal by knocking it against Natashas own bottle before taking a swig. "Anyway, we got off topic, you don't remember it at all? Not even the month, or approximate time of year?"
"Nope." Natasha 'popped' the 'pe' for extra effect. "At least we know around yours."
"Yeah." Clint sighed, looking straight out into the distance.

"Can I offer a suggestion?" Natasha asked.
Clint shugged his shoulders, "Why the hell not? What do you wanna suggest?"
"i'm going to suggest........" she started. "that April 16th is your birthday, officially, between the two of us." Clint looked at her.
"I like it," he shrugged again, "but on one condition."
"And that would be......" Natasha asked, shuffling herself around to face him better, Clint mirroring her actions to do the same.
"That we make, today, the day you started to be Natasha Romanoff, and started new, to be yours."
"Really? Today?" She asked.
"Either that or the day I was sent on the mission." Clint offered.
Natasha looked thoughtful
"I'd prefer today," Clint added.
Natasha sighed, "ok then." she smirked. "Todays my birthday." She cocked her head to the side and grinned cheekily.
"In that case, give me a few minutes." He said getting up from the edge and running off, "I'll be back in a few minutes! Just stay there!" He called over his shoulder.

Sure enough, a little later on he returned, an object cupped in his hands.
"Clint...... What is that?" Natasha asked sounding slightly afraid.
"Happy Birthday Nat." was all his reply as he sat down in his original spot and presented the blueberry muffin in his hands.
Natasha smiled down at the bluberry muffin, that had clearly been nicked from the piblic cafeteria Stark had on the bottom floor. "Aaww. Thanks Clint." She said.
"Wait a mo......" Clint mumbled while fiddling to get something out his back pocket, he handed her the muffin, "Here." He said simply, then used both hands to rtrieve the item; a match box. He struck one of the matches and held it up a little way from her face. "You gotta have birthday candles, right?" He asked.
She laughed, "Thanks Clint."
"Make a wish." He added.
"You know we don't believe in that stuff." She told him drearly.
"Come on! Make a wish and blow it out before it burns my fingers!" He ushered impatiently. She gave him a look.
"Okay." She sighed, closing her eyes and thinking before she blew it out.
"You made a wish didn't you?" Clint asked
"Yeah, why?" She raised an eyebrow.
"What was it?" He inquired.
"I've heard that you don't tell anyone because otherwise it doesn't come true." She said sneakily, taking a quick swig of her beer.
"You know we dont believe in that stuff right?" Clint repeated her earlier statment, and as he did, she cut him off by handing him a half of the muffin.

So there the two of them sat, on top of Stark Towers, taking the occasional sip of beer and eating chunks of muffin, during the starry night of the city of Manhatten in each others company.


Ok, little competition for my lovely readers. whomever can guess Natasha's birthday (yes, there was a birthdate i was working around) will get this story dedicated to them, i dont care if you write it in the comments, or inbox me, but whomever gets it will be announced in the next story, and this will be dedicated to them, and maybe a possible fan could be issued.

Hope you liked it!!


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