“So their girls?" I asked looking up at her for confirmation. She nodded and I smiled feeling happy. Nate kissed me and then kissed my belly. Baby B kicked at his face and turned around.

I squeezed Nate's hand and he kissed my knuckles. “I love you..." He mumbled. I smiled back and, whispered and “I love you." back.

Okay so there is turbulence so I will try and finish this later. I can't concentrate with the gnawing feeling that I might just plunge straight into the Atlantic Ocean any second. And I also have to pee.

*Bathroom Break.*

Okay I'm back. Sorry.

Later in the day Nate has to go over see some things, so I figured I'd go see where Gianna was. She still was pretty scared about the whole The Other incident and I felt really bad.

“Gianna, it's me Nessa?" I called as I opened the door to her room. I stopped short when I saw Fenrir, and Nari sitting in tiny chairs with Tiaras on their heads.

They turned and froze seeing me standing there. I started to scream with laughter and I held my belly trying to catch my breath.

Nari jumped up and yanked off his tiara but Fenrir just shrugged his shoulders and held his tea cup out to Gianna. “Fill er up." He said fixing his tiara so it was straighter.

“What are you guys doing?" I asked as I sunk into a chair. I groaned finally getting off my feet. “What does it look like kid, I'm drinking tea." Fenrir said taking a sip of what looked like Apple juice.

“Why do you always call me kid, Fenny?" I asked teasing him. He rolled his eyes at me and took another sip. “Because you're a kid, and I'm older than you." He said with a matter of factly tone. I bared my teeth at him and he crossed his eyes.

“Nari sit down, I'm about to tell you guys what I'll be birthing out in two months." I yelled at Nari. He begrudgingly sat down in the little pink chair beside me. “Ohh! What are you having?" Gianna piped up. She bounced in her chair and I smiled seeing her back to normal.

“Yeah what is the little bugger going to be?" Nari asked poking my belly. I slapped his hand away, and smiled. “They are going to be girls." I announced watching their expressions.

Nari looked at me blankly before his mouth dropped open and his mouth widened. “Seriously, you're knocked up with two girls?!" He yelled almost falling out of his chair. I nodded with a big smile.

“I'm not surprised twins do run in our family." Fenrir said with a small smile on his face. “Really?" I asked confused. He rolled his eyes with a sigh. “You're looking at a set of them right now." Nari said sounding bored.

I looked between the two and almost screamed. “You can't be serious?! You guys are so different!" I was seriously surprised that they were twins. I always thought Fenrir was like a year older.

“Duh, we're fraternal, you really have pregnancy brain." He mumbled sipping his drink. I slapped his shoulder and he cringed. “Oww! That fracking hurt!" He cried. I cringed at his choice of a curse.

“Seriously fracking?" He shrugged his shoulders and nodded to Gianna. She looked slightly offended, “Tasman and Nate curse all the time. One time Tasman fell down the stairs and he said motherfu-" I covered her mouth just as Death walked in.

“Hi, Gianna was just..." Death gave me a look that said shut up. “Tasman said what?" She asked sweetly. Gianna nodded, “Tasman said Motherfucker. What does fucker mean?" She asked. I turned wide eyed to Death and could practically see steam lines coming out of her ears.

“I'll be right back sweetheart." She said before disappearing. I stood up with Fenny's help and we looked down the hall. I heard a door open and Death walked out dragging Tasman by the ear.

“Oww! Mom, let go of my ear! Oww!" He yelled when she yanked harder. She stopped in front of the door and let go of his ear. Tasman sighed and stood up straight. “I'm sorry Gianna for saying a bad word that you shouldn't repeat." He said dully.

“Can I go now?" He whined. Death narrowed her eyes at him before nodding. Tasman stalked off saying  a few choice words under his breath.

I giggled and Death cocked her head at me. I stopped short and covered my mouth, “Sorry..." I mumbled.


“Fenrir can I see what color your fur is?" I asked feeling bored. He looked over at me and gave me a flat look. We were sitting watching a fight in the training arena. I nodded to the girls that were staring at him.

They giggled when he looked over at them. He turned back to me and gave me a loathing look. I smiled at him and he shook his head. “No." He said before turning back to the fight. “You're no fun, and those girls think you're hot. Why not show them something they can't have. I'm sure you have a girlfriend." I egged him on trying to get that valuable price of information.

“I know what you're doing Nessa, and I'm not telling you her name just so you can go pester her." He said shutting me down. I feigned shock and held my hand to my heart.

“I would never!" I exclaimed knowing full and well I was very curious who she was. “I can just ask Nari." I said trying to get up quickly. I hissed and sat back down when my leg cramped up. Shit.... shit... shit.

Fenrir looked over in concern and I took a few seconds to breath. “Just a leg cramp." I hissed. Fenrir laughed and I shot him a dirty look. “That's what you get for being an ass." He teased.

I crossed my arms and looked forward stiffly. “Oh come on Nessa, don't be a baby." Fenrir cried as I shook my head. He sighed and poked me in the side. I wiggled trying to get away. He poked me again twice this time and I fought the smile trying to make its way into my face.

“Don't be a baby, Nessa!" He said hugging me with his big arms wrapped around me. I relaxed and laid my head on his chest. “Fine. But you have to carry me back to the room. I'm suddenly feeling tired." I mumble before going limp.

He tried to shrug me off but I tightened my hold on his arms. He groaned and picked me up. “Fine, but never again Missy." He said taking me back to my room. I actually was so comfortable I just fell asleep to the steady swinging of his arms.

So I'm still on the plane, and doing fine. I guess, but I'm right over Canada that's got to be good. And I'm gonna order another coffee when the guy comes around again. I LLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE CAFFEINE. It's feels so nice!

Darey out! (Cause apparently that's my new nickname) :)

*Cat Tax included*

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