Weekend Plans

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"What do you wanna do this weekend?" Tony asked the Avengers who were sitting in a circle. Loki was sleeping upstairs.
"I want to go to an amusement park," Natasha said, snuggling against Steve.
"Ok. There's one a few miles from the school called 6 Flags. We can get Hill to drive us."
Hill drove the Avengers there and gave them money for everything they would need.
"6 flags is really busy," Steve said.
"6 flags is always busy," Tony said. "I got those tickets that let you skip all the lines!"
"Really!" Thor asked, looking excited.
"Yeah. I'm a boss. I can't help it. So, let's split up. Everyone who loves rides raise your hand," Tony said. Thor, Steve, and Tony raised their hands. They headed in the other direction after Tony divided up the money and gave it to Natasha.
"Where to first?" Thor asked the two other boys.
"How about the Kingda Ka?" Steve asked, looking at a map of the park.
"Sure," Tony said and they headed over. When they got there, they ended up in line behind a boy and a girl. The girl had dark brown hair and the boy had white hair. Tony leaned forward and Steve knew he was up to his old tricks.
"Hey babe. You're looking good. How about you ditch this loser and come with me." The girl and boy turned around. The girl glared at Tony but that was nothing compared to the boy.
"You wanna go or are you too much of a spoiled brat?" The boy asked in a heavy accent. Tony moved to attack him but Steve held out a hand, stopping him.
"We're not looking for a fight..... umm..."
"Pietro. Pietro Maximoff and this is my twin sister Wanda."
"Nice to meet you Maximoff's," Steve said. "My friend here meant no disrespect towards your sister." Wanda nodded but Pietro kept his eyes trained on Tony. Finally, the ride opened and everyone was allowed on. Unfortunately, another girl had taken the seat next to Pietro and Steve had sat with Thor so Wanda was forced to sit with Tony. Even after the ride started flying down the track, Pietro's eyes never veered from Wanda and Tony until the ride whipped around and Steve watched as Pietro flew forward. His seat belt hadn't been bucked right so it flew off him. Wanda screamed and tried to lean forward to help her brother but Tony grabbed onto her, stopping her. Steve realized that Pietro was falling seconds before he even fell. Pietro grabbed onto the edge of the right, shouting. Steve did the stupidest thing ever. He unbuckled his seat belt, jumped over Tony, and grabbed Pietro's hand. The ride went down and Steve barely managed to hang onto Pietro. When the ride ended, Steve set Pietro down carefully. Pietro slid to his knees as his sister, the three boys, and the ride attendants rushed over to him.
"Are you ok? We saw you fall. Was something wrong with the ride? Did your belt break?" Pietro was so overwhelmed by all the questions that he grabbed his sisters hand and ran off. Faster than a bullet.
"He didn't even say thank you to you," Thor said.
"I have a feeling we'll be seeing them sometime soon," Steve said.

I officially published this on Sunday!!! It was not late!!! I held to my word! So, I need to say something's to people who commented on the last chapter. Nothing bad, just answer a few questions and thank a few people.
To @mheuring and @sarawashere: yes Scarlett Witch is going to be in this alone with Quicksilver.

To @avengersvj, @lessiedemp10, and @lalanachimera: I have updated for all of you!!

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Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver will return.

(Did anyone get that reference?)

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