The Little Girl Who Cried For Her Wolf. (5)

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Hey I know it's short, but it's something right? A little twist into the plot, but I hope it is still good enough. I was honestly a little dissapointed that only one of you had commented on the notice.




"Air, no matter what kind of argument we get into it will never be enough to keep me away. I saw his car in the drive, and I refuse to let you be alone with him. I understand if you don't want to tell your brother right now, but I wont risk you getting hurt again." He finished his little monologue, looking a bit nervous, and reached a hand to me. My smile widened, if that was even possible, and I gladly accepted his strong, comforting hand. I couldn't help it as a small part wondered what reaction Clark would have when he realized I was gone. The thought didn't last long as he pulled me out through the window, and into his strong embrace.



Chapter Five: Clues?

Aria's P.O.V:

         I walked out unto my balcony and reveled in the cold kisses of the rain drops. I looked into his beautiful eyes and found myself getting lost. All I saw was a beautiful emerald green and I inched closer in hopes to see their full depths. I jumped back at the thud against my door. "Aria I swear if you get into that car with him I will find you and make you watch as I gut his throat and pull his heart out." Clark's words brought one emotion to me, fear. A simple word that holds a thousand meanings all leading down to a few basic feelings. The chilling of your spine, the blood draining from your face, the increase of your heart beat, and the pure, undiluted need to run. I faintly heard a growl escape Kane's lips before he pulled me onto his back and leaped off the balcony. A small part off me wondered how he did that, but all I could truly focus on was one thought. Clark is going to kill Kane and then he is going to finish me. There was no doubt and simply no hesitation that he would. I have slowly come to realize the true person Clark is, and it scared me that I had never realized before. My heart squeezed at the thought of Kane getting hurt because of me. The guilt flooded over my fear like a wave over the wet sand. 

Kane's P.O.V:

      I looked at my sweet Air as she shivered in the passenger seat. Oh how I longed to be able to hear what she was thinking. It didn't take a fool to see she was scared, but of what? Was it Clark or....was it me? Did she not want me to whisk her away? Frustrated I let out a sigh and pulled into my driveway, secretly glad my car could push through the light rain at 150 with no problems. I walked past the front of the car and open the passenger door. Her scent hit me like a like a million roses left to bloom in a small room, simply intoxicating. I lifted her into my arms and marveled at the light touch of her skin. She was still fully awake, but seemed to be off in another world. I opened the front door and shut it with my foot, not afraid of anyone trying to break in. Maybe you should be more careful of Clark my wolf suggested. Though it was a hit to my pride to hear that my wolf thought we couldn't protect our m- I mean my Air. I shifted her to one arm and locked the doors. I carried her up to my bed and took a seat next to her. I began to drift off when I  noticed the gleam of a tear in her eye. I immedietly shot to her side of the bed and wrapped her into my arms.

"I'm so sorry wolfie. I can't put this on you...I have way to much baggage for anything to form now, but please just let me stay here tonight. I just need you to hold me in your arms because for some unexplainable reason it's the only place I feel safe." she mumbled it quietly through her tears, and I knew that without my sensitive hearing I would never have been able to hear it.

"Air, hon, you can stay here as long as you need to. I want you to know that I maybe clueless on your thoughts, but never think you have to much baggage and that you can't rely on me. Air, I'd hold you in my arms forever if you'd let me." I was nervous about having said so much of my feelings for her, but i knew I couldn't keep them in secret much longer. I wrapped us in the blanket, for a nap, and pulled her close to me. I listened as her breathing began to soften.

"Wolfie I lo-" Then she was out. My mind wandered over what she would have said. A selfish part wished she would say those three magical words, but my practical side was nagging that she would never say something like that to me.



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