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Lauren just return home from her "strolling". She look up at the couch. A note lies in between two cups. It appears that Normani and Dinah has gone grocery shopping for a while. They think Normani should cook tonight since Lauren has cook the both of them and herself breakfast. Lauren sigh and put her stuff in the table and lie down. It's 8 in the night and Lauren just scrolling down to twitter

Lauren had sworn to herself. She will tweet something to let the fans know what's going on to her. She love her fans too much. At least she tell them a piece of her day

I had fun singing in the streets today with my new friend, Mark. And bumping into a certain person...Had a nice time with you mostly

Lauren sent that tweet and exits her twitter. She open her messages and texted her mom about her upcoming mini concert. She wanted her to be there because her mom rarely comes to her concerts because she has to take care of her little sister and brother. While waiting for her mom to answer her, she open her instagram and surprised to see a picture of her. It's Camila. She read her caption and smiles

This cutie trying to get black froyo stain off her teeth :)

Lauren laugh. She can't believe the supermodel just took a picture of her. To Lauren's surprise, she even tag the superstar, which is weird because they never show themselves in cameras and on social media. But Lauren didn't care anyways. Lauren's apartment door flew open and Lauren looks back smiling. "Hoi Jauregui. Since when are you back? Had a nice time strolling down?" Dinah ask putting the groceries in the kitchen

"I had a great time, thanks for asking" Lauren said smiling

"Yeah you owe us an explanation" Normani said from behind as she open her phone to instagram

"What explanation?" Lauren ask. Normani showed her a picture of herself in Camila's instagram. They must have seen that one, of course, Lauren thought to herself

"I bump into her this morning when i had my singing stuff on the street" Lauren said

"How long?" Normani ask. Normani didn't waste her time to ask the superstar about her relationship with the supermodel. She thought we're dating, Lauren speak to herself

"We're not dating, Mani. We're just friends who occasionally have been bumping to each other and happens to have feelings for each other. At least that's what i thought" Lauren said

"You like her?" Mani ask and Lauren nod smiling

"Oh c'mon Mani stop interrogating the poor Lauren who just turn 19. That's actually a great, she's moving on" Dinah said chewing her apple

"Yeah i agree. As long as you're happy though" Mani said

"Thanks guys" Lauren smiles. Normani decided that it's time to cook. Lauren ask the black girl to make two dishes because Lauren happens to be full and she has ate with Camila. But Lauren wants to bite some of Mani's meal because Mani makes the best food out of the Unholy Trinity

After a while, the girls are laughing at some lame commercial. When they're laughter died down, Lauren had an incoming call. Lauren smiles when she knows who's calling her. She excuse herself from her two bestfriends and take it to the balcony

"Hello Camz" Lauren said in her deep british accent

"Hi. I miss you" Camila said. Lauren's smile widen when she hears the girl of her dreams misses her. She felt she's dating the supermodel right now. Lauren chuckled

"I miss you more, love" Lauren said quietly

"Where are you? Why is it so loud?" Camila ask through the line

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