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Sitting alone with her head lowered and covered with her hoodie, Millie clutched her cell phone like a life preserver and asked herself, “What am I doing here?” She was early, waiting to meet Paul at the coffee shop they had arranged. Pulling her hoodie tighter around her head, “I’ve never done anything like this. I should just go home. I should have never come.”

The longer Millie sat there, the more she convinced herself she needed to leave. What would Paul think if she left before he arrived? She wanted the safety of her binary world where digital images and chat were the norm. A world where her life was lived out in tabs: Facebook, Google, e-mail, PhotoShop, Flickr, YouTube,  Wattpad. . . a life lived behind the safety of a monitor.

Two years, she had known Paul for two years, but today, they were meeting for the first time in person. What would he think? Would he take one look at her and run? Would he embrace her, the real her, and see where this friendship / relationship was going?

The one thing they had promised each other was honesty, and although Millie tried, how much can a relationship on the web prepare you for the real thing? Then it hit her, “What if he is not really him? What if after all of this time, his inner heart was all an act?” Millie shook her head knowing that was not possible. She knew the real Paul with all her heart and she knew he was different.

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