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Molly's POV


"-and that's what makes you beautiful!" Harry finished the last song for the gigs and the boys jogged off the stage. They only performed 3 songs per gig and it was different each time. Today they sung Kiss You, One Thing, and What Makes You Beautiful. Yesterday they sung Little Things, They Don't Know About Us, and then Live While We're Young.

"I have a set of tickets for each of you so you can go back to your home towns. You're going to need to pack for tour and be back in London in 2 days. I'm sorry for the little time we gave you, but we need to get this tour going." The boys' manager handed us our tickets and then disappeared into a black van. Everyone else that was left entered the other black van that immediately followed the other one.

"To the airport please." Paul politely said.

I crawled into the back row and squeezed between Zayn and Liam. This could possibly be the last car ride with the boys...

 Don’t tear up Molly, don’t do it.


"All passengers for Mullingar, Ireland, please board the plane now," The lady at the front desk demanded on the overhead.

"Nooo!' The boys whined and clung to me. "Don't leave us!"

"We better be seeing you get off that plane in 2 days or I'm postponing the tour to come and get you myself," Harry said out loud and grabbed me for a hug.

"And I'm not going to stop him," Louis added as he took me away from Harry for a hug.

"I'll be coming with him," Zayn added and squeezed me tight.

"Me too," Liam took me away from Zayn and pulled me into his very own embrace.

"We gotta go, sorry guys. I'll try to bring her back," Niall threw an arm around my shoulder and took me away from Liam. They all did their goodbyes for Niall and then stepped back.

"You ready?" Niall asked as he picked up both of our bags.

"No. I don't wanna leave and you don't have to carry my bag," I went to reach for it but he moved his hand.

"It's fine, I got it." He shooed my hand away. We got up to the main desk and quickly handed our tickets to the flight attendant.

"I hope you have a good flight," she said as she ripped our tickets and gave the end part back. I glanced back at the boys before I entered the plane. They were hugging each other and had frowns on their faces.

Do I really mean that much to them?

"You brought us together so of course you mean that much to them. They honestly love you," Niall said as he stuffed our bags into the compartments above our seats.

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