He makes you feel insecure

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Niall: “Hey babe, do you you want this last slice of pizza?” you ask Niall too full to even look at it. “You sure babe?” You smile “Yes, I think I gained two pounds just eating what I did. I don’t need to get more of a stomach then I already have.” You had always been chunkier and Niall had always been ok with that. “I don’t care that you’re fat.” he said biting the pizza. “You think I’m fat?” you whispered tears escaping your eyes. His eyes widened “No, that came out wrong.” You got up and changed into some workout clothes. You walked back into the living room and started stretching. “What are you doing?” he asked sitting up. “I’m going to lose this fat, so you can’t call me that anymore.” He sighed “Y/N I’m sorry. It came out wrong. I love you just the way you are. Please stop.” You crossed your arms “No, I’m not as pretty as your fans. I need to be.” He kissed you “No, You are beautiful. You are amazing. Come on, lets just hang out.” You sigh “Ok.” He pulls you on the couch and cuddles you until he falls asleep.

Zayn: “Man, these bags are killing my face.” you moan looking in the mirror. Zayn laughs “You can hardly notice them against the freckles babe.” You stop poking your bags “What do you mean?! Crap really?” “Ya, they really stand out.” You had always hated them and Zayn was only making it worse. You rush past him to get your make up bag saying sarcastically  ”You really know how to make a girl feel good.” You grab your concealer and began to apply it to your face. “Wait babe, I didn’t mean it you are beautiful just the way you are.” You just roll your eyes and continue to apply it to your face. He takes the make up out of your hand and lifts your chin. “Hey, you don’t need that stuff for me. Ok?” “Are you sure Zayn? I feel bad without it.” “I swear you don’t. Come one wash it off?” you nod and wash it off. “There’s my girl. Let’s go out. So I can show you off.” You smile and then have an amazing day with him.

Louis: You sat on your couch flipping through the channels for the 5th time in the last 10 minutes. Louis walked in and said “How about we go play some football?” You shake your head “I would rather just sit here ok babe?” you say starting over. “He sighs and gets up mumbling something but you only caught “Getting chunkier.” Your mouth formed an “o” and you gasped “Louis William Tomlinson what did you just say? Did you call me fat?” He turned around “No.” Rolling your eyes you say sarcastically ”Ya, I’m sorry I’m not as skinny as Eleanor was Lou. Maybe I should go for a run or something so I don’t get chunkier.” Tears gathered in your eyes and you went to hide in your room. “Come on baby, I didn’t mean it. At all. I swear, I love you the way that you are now. I wouldn’t even care if you put more on. Crap wait don’t remember that. Please Y/N, come out.” You frown opening the door. “Might want to watch out Lou, wouldn’t want to squish you as I’m walking through.” You snapped walking past him. He sighed “Look Y/N, I never meant to make you feel bad. I swear. I love you. Please forgive me?” You sighed and hugged him “Ok, but should I try to slim down for you?” you whisper. He rubs your back and says “Never. I love you just the way you are.”

Harry: You were roaming your house when you heard Harry on the phone with someone. You were never one to snoop, but you were interested so you peeked your head into the room. “Ya I know you’re lucky, you have a girlfriend with something up top. Y/N is a little small for my liking.” You slammed the door shut and went to the bathroom. You looked in the mirror and thought you were an average size. Harry knocked on the door “Y/N you ok babe?” You sighed throwing the door open “No you idiot. You talk about me and expect me to be ok. Real smart Harry. and I’m sorry that I wasn’t born with bigger boobs since that’s all you care about. You shoved past him and went to your room trying to cool off. You sat on your bed and hung your head in your hands. Harry followed you and sat next to you placing his hands on your shoulders. “I don’t only care about your boobs. I only care about you. I was just I don’t even know what I was doing. Babe I only love you for you.” You lifted your head “You swear Harry?” He nodded and kissed your lips making you feel better.

Liam: You walked into your kitchen and stood on the counter to get a bowl from the top shelf of your cabinet. You got down and Liam who had been watching the whole time said “Why didn’t you just get the step stool? That wasn’t too bright Y/N.” You slammed the bowl down and walked outside into your porch. You paced back and forth trying not to explode. Liam walked out of the house with your jacket And handed it to you. “Listen babe I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, I just didn’t want you to get hurt. Ok? I don’t like my baby hurt.” You sighed slipping the jacket on, thankfull he brought it out. “I’m hurt now Liam, that kind of hurt my feelings.” “I’m sorry. But I love you too much to see you get hurt.” You smile he was always looking out for you. “It’s ok. I love you. Thanks for looking out.” you say before you go back inside to make dinner, making sure to be extra careful for Liam.

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