Chapter 6 (Mini Chapter)

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“No touch, n-no touch, no more touch, no, no, no.” Harry repeatedly whispered this to himself almost like a mantra, while Anne kept a hold of him. “Come on, Harry, let’s just lie down, and rest for a bit, yeah?” Anne lifted Harry from the floor, and placed him on his bed. She placed the covers on his body, only to have him kick them off defiantly. “No touch! No touch, mum-ma!” Harry whimpered as he writhed around on the bed, as if trying to get away from something. “Alright, babe, just relax. Everything is going to be fine.” Anne whispered. “I’ll go get him some water.” Gemma said before she left the room. Louis and Eleanor were standing by the bedroom door, in shock. Louis was almost in tears again, because he felt that he was to blame for Harry’s distress.  Louis could only think of one thing in attempt to get Harry to calm down.

Strumming my pain with his fingers,

Singing my life with his words,

Killing me softly with his song,

Killing me softly,

With his song

Telling my whole life,

With his words,

Killing me softly,

With his song…

                All heads in the room spun in the direction of the angelic voice that uttered those beautiful lyrics. Louis shyly smiled at Anne’s shocked expression, and shuffled on his feet nervously. Anne turned her attention back to her son, to find his eyes slowly drooping closed. Harry’s body completely relaxed, as his chest rose and fell ever so gently. To Be Continued…

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