Chapter 3

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Something everybody desires, but only a chosen few have the blessing of possessing it.

Freedom is being able to do what you want and when you want without caring for the consequences. Freedom is being able to control your life and express your opinions. Freedom is something that Evelyn once possessed, before Zayn laid eyes on her.


"This is amazing." Nora whispered to her sister excitedly. The two entered the grand ballroom of Shangri-La, a few steps behind their parents. "I can't believe we are here!"

"Mmm," Evelyn hummed and searched the room for Ethan, paid no attention to what Nora had said.

Unlike Nora, Evelyn hated those supernatural events, packed with bloodthirsty monsters, swarming around them, each out for blood.

Everybody in that room wanted something from somebody else.

She wanted to hide away from the limelight and the eyes of vampires who followed her with lust... She just wanted to find Ethan, to be close to him and feel the heat of his body, to feel safe and content with his presence. To see his radiant smile, hear his charming laugh and humorous remarks.

"I don't get what you see in him you know; I always thought you could do a lot better than something as mundane as a human," Nora commented. She looked down to check up her curve hugging fishtail dress, revealing a tempting amount of cleavage; contrasting Evelyn's modest white gown "You are beautiful Evelyn, you deserve better than a human. Plus, you are my sister."

"I don't want to fall in love with blood sucking monsters," Evelyn whispered quietly so that only Nora could hear. The sisters walked through the crowd behind their parents while their father greeted old friends. "I know Ethan will never be good enough in your eyes, but he is more than perfect in mine, I love him and nothing could ever change that."

The sisters' eyes met for a brief second before Nora turned away, shaking her head disapprovingly. "You're too good for a human." Nora spoke coldly. She walked away

A small part of Evelyn wanted to tell Nora that they, too, were humans. And in her mind, Ethan was, in fact, too good for her.

"What's wrong with her?" Lynette asked her daughter while Jonathan continued to talk to one of his associates.

"I don't know... I'm sorry but could you excuse me for a second?" Evelyn mumbled and left before her mother had the chance to reply.

She walked towards the opposite direction Nora went.

Evelyn's eyes were stinging from tears, ready to spill and ruin her makeup.

She loved Nora. They were sisters. But Nora had a way of unintentionally, and often intentionally, hurting people.

Every day, Nora would say something spiteful towards Ethan, to discourage his relationship with Evelyn; but it never wavered the two's feelings.

They had known each other their whole lives, and what they felt for each other wasn't something words can perish.

It was true love: a rare occurrence in life.

The way that he cared about everyone around him and the gentleness, sweetness that he had shown Evelyn... He made her a better person. He made her kind and compassionate, like he was.

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