Boys...why do I even bother? chapter 12

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Sorry it’s been forever!

I'll just get right into it then.


Grr. I hate school. It was Monday and I was sitting by my crazy annoying lab partner, because, unfortunately, it was science class.

"Shut up Josh!" I say in a hushed tone so the teacher doesn't hear me.

Josh has been going on about this video game that he just got. It surprises me that he's talking to me that much. He usually doesn't. Must be one heck of a video game...I wouldn't know though seeing I haven't been listening to a word he has said.

"Gosh Dani, if you didn't want to hear about my totally awesome video game you could've told me in a nicer way,"

Unbelievable. I look at him, my eyes narrowing. I see him smirking at me. Joking bastard.

Josh holds his hands up.

"Whoa, lighten up on the death glare there babe,"

"Don't call me babe. I don't like it!" I sound like a whiny 4 year old right now but Josh seriously does all this to annoy me.

"So how did your date go?" he asked in a nonchalant tone.


"Your date with...Declan?" he asked looking at me with a confused expression.

"Oh! Um, fine! Yeah, good and stuff," I mumble pathetically.

"Good and stuff? Yeah that sounds like one hell of a date. Must not have been that good if that’s all you can say about it," Josh scoffed.

"Well for your information, it was great! Declan is sweet and caring!" I babbled, saying anything that came to mind.

"Psh, "sweet and caring"? Yeah wait a couple more weeks and you'll see what he's really like," Josh says with a shake of his head and a frown.

The teacher started talking obnoxiously loud about the lesson right at that moment, so I bit my tongue and faced the front, my face red with anger.

I know what Josh is implying. Declan used to pressure his girlfriends in the past to well, um, do it with him. Brooke warned me about it. So, I asked Declan about it and he promised it'd be different with me. I can't tell id trusting him was the right thing to do, or if I was being completely naive and stupid. All I know is the first time he pressures me, it's over. It’s not like he's going to force me or anything. I don't believe Declan is that type of guy.

I sat at the table avoiding Josh's glances for the rest of the class.


"So do you wanna go out tomorrow night?" Declan asks me as we walk through the parking lot to our cars.

"Sure, where?" I ask as I pull my car keys out of my backpack.

"Um either a restaurant or we could go to the beach," he says. "Your choice,"

"Hmm...Could we go out to eat and save the beach for Friday?"

"Of course," he says as we reach my truck.

He pulls me in for a kiss. I place my hands on his chest and kiss back. He pulls away and shoots me a smile before sauntering off to find his car. I sway little on my feet. He really knew what he was doing! I'm having a hard time deciding whether I'm ok with that or not. It also makes me look like an inexperienced retard who doesn't know what she's doing half of the time. I shrug it off and hop in my car. I'm about to pull out of my parking spot when someone knocks on my window.

Surprise, surprise. It's Josh. Aren't I lucky?

I roll down my window.

"What?" I asked, in an annoyed tone.

"Wanna hang out?" he asks with a smile.

Wait, what?

"Why?" I ask a bit suspicious.

"I dunno...We are lab partners and all," he replies

"That has nothing to do with anything," I say slightly miffed that he's wasting my time.

"Awe com' on! Why not?"

"I don't like you. You annoy me," I raise an eyebrow at him as if it's totally obvious.

"Ouch," he says, feigning hurt. "I'm offended, but I still wanna hang out,"

"Well I don't," I lean over to put my seatbelt on and start backing up.

"Hold on," Josh says.

I groan.

"What?" I ask.

He opens my car door. What the heck is he doing? Before I know it, he's climbing over me and into the passenger seat.

"Hey!" I yell at him.

"What?" he says with a confused face.

Wow...He looks adorable when he's confused. I see Josh start to smirk.

"Thinking about me?"

"N-no!" I reply lamely.

"Don't lie, I know you were," he says in a teasing tone.

"I'm not lying! Now get out of my car!" I say, a blush creeping up on my face.

"No, we are hanging out and that’s final," he says with a smirk, thinking he's got the upper hand.

We'll see about that.


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