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Shawn's POV
Marina just finished rapping and I was about to sing when I saw Nate looking at Marina...........shocked. "Shawn its your turn" Marina said while she didn't notice Nate was here.
She turned her back since everyone was looking at the bad group she rolled her eyes and got up facing Nate "May I help you" she said.
"How-how do you know that song" he said stuttering "uh their is thing called the radio where you listen to songs" she said in a duh tone.
Oh boy I thought what is she putting herself into "you know me and the jacks made that song and you just sang my part" he said "well now I do" she says she sits back down.
We went on and the most surprising one for me was Hayes I never in a million years thought he could that good.
Nash's POV
Hayes finished his song and Marina said while hugging hayes"you have such an amazing voice". I'm a proud brother lol. "Is that all you got Marina I could so beat you" I said kissing Kalolaine in the lips.
"Your on Hamilton" she said then she turned Hayes's face to her then she kissed Hayes.
Hayes's POV
"Your on Hamilton" Marina said while I was confused and Marina faced me to her face and she kissed me.
I kissed back instantly then after 7 seconds she pulled away. They all said "kill em" and we laughed oh my gashhh.
-bell rings-
I get up and Marina reaches her hand to mine so I can help her get up. She jumps on my back and I run to class with her in my back and Matt and Kimberly do the same copy catters. Since Marina had her face over my shoulder I kissed her on the cheek then put her down.
We went in class.

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