Kidnapped and pregnant

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I was walking home alone in the night, i couldn't see anything besides the street lights and the smell of cigars an people walking on the streets. I stop at a gas station to use the bathroom and than i began walking again. I just got back from a drunk party with my best friend,ada walkers. It's like everything goes by so quickly,one minute i'm like goin crazy off of vodka now ada and i get into a physical fight and she would not drive me home,bitch!

Our fight was about michael stoner. I have been dating him for a month and already he hates me because i would not have sex with him,i didn't want to get pregnant at age fourteen,hell nooo!

I hear a car up ahead and i shrug it off, knowing that if i don't hurry soon i'll end up getting killed or raped. I ran in a dark corner and hid. I felt it, i knew someone was following me and i'm not even wide awake to relize it.

The black van stopped up ahead and sat there. The guy looked handsome but i'm not gonna let his looks get the best of me. I slid down the brick wall & sat there with my head in between my legs. "It's gonna be ok,alyssa." I said to myself. I glanced back up at the guy an he was running towards me. I got up and took off down the block screaming so someone could hear me. I turn my head and than i look another direction and i relize i'm lost!

I begin running again but than i trip on a large twig. I tried getting up but the strange guy grabbed my arms and dragged me down the concrete and my skin started burning. I tried screaming but i couldn't because he kept on putting his hands on my mouth.i cried and cried and cried. Once we finally made it back to his van he threw me inside and slammed the door behind me. I looked up at the guy's face and he looked about my age. When he turned his head to look at me i froze!

"Derek?!" I shouted. He made a sad face and than started the car. Derek was my ex-boyfriend that i have been dating all last year but we broke up because he couldn't handle a relation ship anymore. He looked good now.his brown hair all done,his nice sparkly green eye's and tan skin. He was wearing a black suit with a black hat on his head. "Derek,what are you doin to me? Why are you doing this?" I said while sitting down on the cold floor of the vehicle.

"Because i love you and i want you back." He continued driving."Yeah but this is no way!" I yelled. He reached over and slapped me in the face. I held my cheek and flipped him off from behind his chair that way he couldn't see me. I layed down on the floor and blacked out.

I woke up in a girly bed and in a pink pretty room. The walls had butterflies on it,the bed was all pink with flower designs and the floor was maroon my favorite color. I sat up and rubbed my head,i'm guessing i have a huge knot now,ouch! I looked over by the closet and there was a purple dresser and the closet door was a mirror. It looked like i was in a mansion in a little girls room and i liked it. There was a pic of me an derek at the beach awhile back sitting on the sand and kissing. I had my sexy bikini on and he was wearing his new swimming trunk i bought for him.

I'm guessing derek made this room for me,and i kinda liked it. I got off the pretty bed and walked downstairs and into the decorated kitchen. The pans and pots were displayed nicely on the walls and the wall color was yellow an the floor was teel white. I smiled and than walked into the dining room.the table set was wooden and the chairs looked designer. The table has place mats on them and they were decorated and had beautiful chinese writing on them.

"Havin fun?" I quickly turned around and derek was standing there with his arms crossed. He wasn't wearing his black suit anymore,he was wearing a pear of faded blue jeans,a red shirt,an jordans. I walked over to derek and he pulled me in for a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he smiled. I know him kidnapping me is wrong but i do love and miss him.

Derek lead me to the red sofa and i sat down. The living room was huge and was nicely done in a modern style."i'm doing this because i love you alyssa. I want to be in a relationship with you." I giggled and layed back on the couch.

"I love you too. And i don't mind you doing this because i live with my dad and i can't stand him." I coninued."i'm happy for us." He got up and sat down next to me. Derek leaned towards me and our lips mashed together. It felt good to kiss him again,he kisses so passionatly. I pulled away and laughed on his chest. He started stroking my hair."babe,do you lke your new life so far?" He asked me flirty like."yeah i'm actually saying this but..yeah i do." He kissed me once more and i fell alseep on his lap.

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