The dude :)(

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I walking down in the ally I was scared! It was right next to a club where there are drunkies people doing drugs and shit! I heard a baby voice call my name it was Dani! I ran to her


Carrie:*tries to take her*

??:*snatches her*

Carrie:Who are you and give me my children!

Diggy:Hello. I'm yo boyfriend you never broke up with before you went and married Chris Brown

Carrie:Are you the one shooting kids and my husband!?

Diggy:Hell nah! I ain't that crazy!!

Carrie:Well..what do you want!

Diggy:For you to just break up with me even tho I still love you

I thought about it I never did break up with him..! Fuck!


Carrie:*wakes up*

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Diggy-Sup bae how was the concert?

Carrie:*starts to text back* Hold up lemme text Chris

{End of flashback}

I noticed I do still love him..maybe no it can't be

Diggy:Go ahead and also say you don't love me

Carrie:Gimme my kids and I promise I will *tears rolling down*

He gave me the kids I kisses them and out em in the car and ran and gave him a hug.

Diggy:😳 *hugs back*

Carrie:I break up with you but I can't say that I don't love you..!

Diggy:I knew it but you have Chris

Carrie:*lets go* I want you back in my life Diggy! I want you back in it please!

Diggy:But Chris..

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