#52 Sciam (Scott/Liam)

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I smiled at the thought of my date with Scott last night as I shut the door on my locker.  We'd agreed to keep our relationship secret until we figured out the extent of it.  Last night was the first time he'd taken me on a proper date, out of town of course, since we'd admitted our feelings for each other a week and a half ago.

We'd gone to a small carnival in the next town over.  We played carnival games and rode the fun little rides.  We'd eaten elephant ears and hot dogs.  Scott had kissed me for the first time at the top of the Ferris Wheel....

I rose a hand to my lips just thinking about it, it made me feel weird.... but in a good way.  Maybe this thing with Scott wasn't such a bad idea.  I was just about to turn the corner, deep in thought, when a hand grabbed my shoulder, pulling me into the boy's bathroom.  I stiffened as I was caught off guard by a pair of lips on mine, thought I relaxed when I saw that it was Scott.

At the realization of what we were doing, I pushed him away.  His eye brows rose in the cute questioning way of his.

"What the hell are you doing?" I quizzed, my eyes scanning the small stalled room around us.  Scott looked hurt until he seemed to realize what I'd really meant.

"Don't worry, I already checked the stalls, no one is in here" he assured me, grabbing me with a spin pressing me up against the wall and placing a long kiss on my lips "we're safe in here."  Scott kissed me once again, but I couldn't help the smile and small laugh that caused the kiss to be cut short.

"What's got you so giggly?" he whispered, his lips brushing mine, before he reconnected them for a few moments.

"Probably the fact that such a hot guy is kissing me" I smirked, pushing him back against the opposite wall so that I was the one pinning him down in a kiss "what's your excuse?"  I had noticed that he too was smiling.

"My excuse" he grinned, kissing me again and pinning me back against the other wall "probably my adorable boyfriend."  I hesitated for a moment at his use of words and he seemed to quickly catch the change of mood.

"What, did you not think-" Scott started to say nervously, but I cut him off.

"Is that what we are?  Boyfriends... like officially?" I quizzed with a nervous shake in my voice, biting my lip as I looked up in his eyes.

"Only if you're okay with that" he whispered softly, stroking a finger on my cheek.  I chewed on my lip for a minute as I thought the idea over in my head before eagerly leaning forward and placing a kiss on his lips.

"Definitely" I smiled, before he was the one that kissed my again, wrapping his strong arms around my waist and pressing his body into mine as I ran my hands through his hair.  I had been minutes before I heard a clearing of a throat and out of instinct I pushed Scott off of me, a furious blush rising to my cheeks.

"I'm uh, sorry?  I'll just... leave you guys to it then?" Mason let out awkwardly with a cough that sounded suspiciously like laughter, and then he was gone.  I stood there, staring at Scott with a blank look, before I finally started laughing hysterically.  Scott was quick to join in.

"His face was priceless" Scott chuckled, wrapping his arms around my waist and I just rested my face in the crook of his neck.

"You just took the words right out of my face" I murmured amusedly.


Hey guys, so here is another one shot for your enjoyment.  Another Sciam for now, but the next one will be a different pairing.  Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed.  I'll try and update again really soon.

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