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"Don't you know that misery loves company? Yeah, I heard that misery was looking for me"

Harry's POV

"Jesus Christ." I said pulling my pants up.

"Why did you stop?" Nadine turned to me, her dress still pushed up around her waist.

"Because Izi just walked in on us." I stated obviously.

"Who?" She said, looking in the mirror and fixing her smudged lipstick.

"You literally just met her." I said, baffled by her stupidity. She just shrugged her shoulders at me. I rolled my eyes at her, leaving the bathroom and slamming the door behind me. I walked around Liam's entire house looking for Izi, finally finding her on the balcony having a cigarette.

"Hey.." I said, standing next to her, resting my arms on the fence of the balcony. Her head turned to look at me,

"I'm so sorry, that was fucking awkward." she said, her cheeks turning pink.

"I'll say." I motioned for her to hand me her cigarette, and I took a drag when she did. I held the smoke in for while before exhaling slowly. She watched me the whole time and I handed the cigarette back to her.

"I don't like her." She stated simply, her eyes narrowing slightly.

"Who? Nadine?" She nodded at me. I sighed, "It's publicity. She works for Victoria's Secret and they're using me to make her more famous." I explained. She screwed up her face slightly,

"That's stupid." She said, taking another drag of her cigarette.

"Mmm," I hummed in response, "I think she's attached to me though. Not sure what to do."

"So break it off with her? It can't be that hard." She flicked her cigarette off the balcony and turned to me.

"Can't. Then it makes me look like the bad guy, gotta wait a while and make it seem mutual."

"That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard," She scoffed. "at least tell her you don't want anything from it."

I opened my mouth to respond when a very drunk Louis slid open the door to the balcony.

"Oh, have I interrupted something?" He drawled, coming to stand with us anyway.

"No." we both said in unison. I watched as Louis pulled a small bag out of his jacket pocket, attempting to roll a joint. He fumbled with the mix for a moment before he sighed to himself. I watched Izi take the paper from his hands and fashion it into a perfect joint, licking the paper so it stuck and handing it back to Louis. He examined it and smiled up at her;

"Nice," he slurred "where did you learn to do that?"

"I used to smoke a lot of weed." she said simply, shrugging her shoulders.

"Mmm," he responded, lighting the joint and taking a long drag. "Want some?" He offered, holding out the spliff. Her eyes darted to me for a moment and I shrugged. She took the blunt from his fingers and took a drag, letting the drug wash over her body as she closed her eyes. I watched her, her head tilted back, her hair falling off her shoulders revealing her neck. I wanted to kiss her, and run my fingers through her hair. I wish I'd been fucking her instead of Nadine, but she didn't want me. I had to stop thinking about her that way. I shook myself from my thoughts and excused myself back inside to get a drink.


Izi's POV

I handed the joint back to Louis as I watched Harry go back inside. He took another drag and blew the smoke out in rings.

"We've been through a lot, me and Haz," I turned to him but his eyes wouldn't meet mine, "never seen him as hung up on someone as he is with you. He's been struggling a lot lately, I'm glad he found you. Or that you found him.." He turned to me and handed me the spliff, I took another drag, closing my eyes again and letting his words run through my brain.

"I know you don't like him that way," Louis continued, "but don't hurt him. I'm not sure he could handle it.." I handed the joint back to him and hummed in response. We stood in silence for a while as he finished off the blunt, flicking it off the balcony as I had done earlier. My mind had started to go foggy as the drug ran through my veins. Louis shifted beside me and headed to the door,

"Come back inside. Let's own the others in beer pong again." he smiled and held the door open for me as I followed him inside. When we got to the living room it was empty, only Liam, Niall, Harry and two others sitting on the couch. Louis looked around in surprise,

"How fucking long were we out there for?" He questioned, causing me to break into a fit of laughter.

"About an hour.." Harry responded, checking his watch.

"Jesus, well, time flies when you're stoned as fuck." Louis said, laughing to himself. "Well in that case I'm going to bed. Liam I'm sleeping in your spare room." I watched Liam slowly raise his hand and give Louis a thumbs up, not opening his eyes or moving from his position on the couch. Louis winked at me as he headed upstairs. Liam was half unconscious, Niall was sitting with the two guys I didn't know, talking loudly about something and Harry sat perched on the dining table. He motioned for me to come and sit next to him, i did, climbing up and crossing my legs.

"I didn't know you smoked weed." He said, cocking his head to look at me. I chuckled lightly,

"I used to smoke a lot as a teenager. Hadn't done it for ages until tonight," I responded honestly, "does it bother you?"

"Nah." he said simply, swinging his legs back and forth. His phone rang suddenly and he answered, the person spoke for a few minutes before Harry hung up.

"Car's here." he mumbled, "need a lift home?"

"Please." I responded, only just realizing how tired I was. We said goodbye to the other boys, barely earning a response from Liam as we headed out to the car. Harry held the door open for me and I jumped in. I watched him as he sat, staring out the window as the houses rushed by. Something seemed wrong, but I didn't want to question it as the driver pulled up to the flat.

"I'll see you soon?" I questioned, leaning over to place a kiss on his cheek. He nodded at me, flashing his million dollar smile as I climbed out of the car and wandered into the house.

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