Wolf Trainer-Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Love occurs in the most dangerous places

I awoke first, with the smell of fresh, warm sun rays in my nostrils. Streaks of wind lightly and quietly blow by, ruffling my dusty fur. My fur was the color of my human hair, a dirty blond. In human form more blond streaks showed in the summer. And that effects the color of my fur too.

The wind's silence was soon broken by the yawning of Inja. Inja stood up and shook is fur. The way it ruffled in the wind made me somewhat, happy. I looked into his caramel brown eyes, so beautiful and hypnotizing.

''What is it?'' Inja suddenly asked.

''What is what?'' I asked confused. "What is he talking about?'' I thought.

"What are you staring at me for?" His wispy voice made me shy.

I croaked trying to speak, but didn't quite say a word. Then I realized I was blushing. ''I...Uh, I was just looking at you. I mean... you just woke up and all." I breathed as I finally got the words out of my mouth.

''Why are you stammering, Samantha?'' His brave voice made me feel even more shy.

''Uh, I don't know..." My voice lightly faded off as I watched him trot over to me.

''Why are you blushing?'' His questions made me realize he knew what I was feeling.

''Um... Can we drop... this, and wake the others?'' I changed the subject. I stood up and stretched out my legs.

''Sure.'' He finally said. He made a crooked smile at me and went over to Kuteen, Urane, and Yolur as I went over to Anjoo and Sarah, who slept beside each other.

After we got them up, I went over and got Dioski, Fomanii, and Luna up. Once every one was up, our stomach's were growling.

Anjoo and Sarah, together, went out first, then some others left by there selves. Yolur, and Fomanii stayed.

''So, do you want to go out hunting?'' Inja asked me.

''Sure.'' I said, trying to be confident, but once again, utterly failing at it.

He headed up a little hill part, with me following beside his handsome coat. I soon realized, my way of relating and looking to wolves, changed a little once I *was* a wolf.

Once we reached the top, it was a beautiful scene as you looked to the sky, but as you looked down it was a horror sight for wolves. A large city covered the area below. Thousands, and more, people covered the grass and pavement. Cars rumbled, thunderously, through the black paths below. So many hunters live in this one area. To a wolf, this was just so scary.

''Don't you think the blue sky is so beautiful today? Only the sun rests there today, not one cloud seen in sight.'' Inja said, as if ignoring the humongous city below.

''Well, yes. But, how could you ignore the scary city below? It is full of hunters and so much more harmful things.'' I said, kind of worried.

He turned his whole body towards me and laid down. He nodded as if telling me to do the same, and I obeyed. Then he grunted and spoke up, " Samantha, when I see something beautiful, I don't look at flaws and other surroundings, I keep my eye on what I *want* to see. Which would you rather think of, a hunter living in a city, or a beautiful scene, a scene that catches your eye, which makes you want to be there with the scene?"

"Well, the beautiful scene of course, but-" I stopped as he jumped at me and nudged his nose into mine.

"Then hold on to that scene, my beautiful, and don't let anything else ruin that.'' As I let him nuzzle me, the thoughts of my boyfriend flashed in my head.

''Uh-oh" I thought. But as I thought a little more, I realized I would probably never see him again, so I let the thought run away. I nuzzled him back.

''I'd like to know what city this is.'' I said. " I can find out after we hunt and eat though."

Inja and I sniffed the air and ran in the same direction. ''You smell what I smell?'' He asked.

''Some type of deer, I think.'' I sniffed the wind.

''Not just a deer, a spiny deer." He exclaimed with joy.

Spiny deer are regular deer, except no matter what gender, they always have horns. And the only other mutation is, they have small spines down their back, which are just like bones.

We kept running, not looking at any surroundings, but right ahead of us. We kept our eyes on where our noses were sniffing. The fresh meat smell of the delicious spiny deer gave me a sensation that made me feel so warm as the cold wind blew in our fur.

I bit at the hind leg as Inja chomped at the neck. The taste of fresh blood got my mouth to watering. The deer tries to put up a fight but Inja and I were to powerful for her. First her him dropped and she wiggled her head. Soon she was limp, but still breathing. Inja released and looked into her eyes. The deers head twitched as Inja laid the finally blow to the neck again.

''We did it!'' I exclaimed.

''Feels great to make a kill as a wolf, huh?'' Inja asked smiling.

''Yea. It's amazing. Now we better get this back to the pack. You get that end.'' I said nodding to the deer's head area. I held onto the deer's hind as Inja bit the lower neck. We carried it halfway back before we just had to have a bite.

Inja dropped her first and nodded as if telling me to drop her too. ''I just got to have one bite.'' He laughed.

''I see what you mean.'' I agreed. He nodded and we both took a bite out of the deer. I chomped my jaws shut and enjoyed the moment of delicious meat. As a deer I could eat what a deer would eat, but not as a human, so this was one of the best things I had ever tasted.

Once we were done enjoying the moment, we picked the deer back up. But a minute after we had started traveling a bird flew overhead. But not just a bird, a frieghtened, squaking, majestic bird. Inja dropped the meat at the same time I did. He quickly turned his cocky smile into a frieghtened frown. ''Oh no.'' He whispered to himelf.

''Hunter.'' I agreed. He looked at me and the turned to face the direction the bird came from. He hunched low and growled as he sniffed the gun powded smelling air. ''Wait!'' I said looking at him.

He stood straight and turned his head to me. Inja glared at me as if telling me to continue. So I grunted and explained, ''I can turn human and you can run as I distract him.''

''Run with me as a human. And if he catches up then, distract him. Otherwise, there would be more of a chance I would lose you.''

''Lose me?''

''Yes, Samantha. I love you.''

''I don't think this is the time for this Inja.''

''I can't help where my heart follows.'' Inja turned his body towards me finally and stared into my eyes.

''Inja... When we was up on that hill and you stared at me with those eyes, I felt lost... but safe and warm.'' I shyly smiled.

''I know what you mean.''

POW! Inja and I jumped and turned. ''This really is the wrong time for this Inja.'' I whispered.

''Just run with me, please. Samantha I don't want to lose you.'' Inja rushed.

''But I want you safe!'' I complained.

''I'd rather die with you than lose you.'' He argued. POW.

''Fine, now run!'' I howled. We ran, leaving the Spiny Deer behind. We reached the pack, without getting shot. But when we sniffed the air, we could still scent out the gun powder and the sweaty man.

''What is it?'' Anjoo stepped up to ask.

''Run. Hunter behind us. Gun!'' Inja tried to explain out of breathe.

The pack jumped to their feet and we all took off, just running to who knows where, once again...

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