Homicidal Liu Origin (kind of)

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Yo... Okay cool, so... the original was in Spanish and I read the translated version, needless to say, that shit made NO SENSE... None at all. I'm not going to give you all that horrific nightmare of grammatical errors and confusion. (I'm no grammar freak myself, but it was truly terrible, so I figured I'd fix it to make more sense.)

ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR! THE ONLY THING I HAVE CHANGED IS THE WAY THE STORY IS WRITTEN. I've added in Liu's birthday because I'm pretty sure he's only a few years older than Jeff, but he moves in with some 25 year old... Anyways I just made sure everyone knew he was 18 and it wasn't some illegal affair...

Sweet! If you actually read this you're cool!

It all started one night. The night that Liu's beloved brother Jeff stopped being who he used to be and became a soulless monster. Jeff killed his mother and father, also attempting to kill Liu who Miraculously lived with many stab wounds and cuts.

Yes, he survived the attack of his brother. Barely crawling as a vile worm, bleeding to death through every vein that ran. He was practically drowning in his own blood as his heart was slowing down to a stop. Liu kept going due to his desperation to live. The anger towards Jeff was all that was keeping him going.

Suddenly, everything went black for Liu, he had fainted.

Liu opened his eyes to a bright white room. After quite a long period of sleep he was finally fully awake.

Tubes of medicine and other things he didn't recognize were connected to his arms. He couldn't move. It was too painful, Liu was fed through an IV, and often stared at the roof for something to do.

He could hardly tell who he was anymore.

It was a normal boring day of silence in his room when he heard talking through the door.

"This patient... Lui woods. His organs are failing and his body doesn't even have enough strength to support him. His left lung is collapsing, his heart is dying out and he's going to need multiple transplants. Without them he won't survive..."

Those word crushed all Liu's hope of surviving after everything that happened.

Finally the day came where Liu would get all the transplants needed. He still couldn't talk yet and he was heavily sedated, he couldn't express any joy at the moment. He'd save it all for when he fully recovered.

Suddenly a nurse walked in and slid in a chair beside Liu. He didn't mind at all, he was extremely lonely all the time having no one to visit him and all.

"Hi I'm Susan." She said slowly. "I am... A nurse here..." She was pretty young, Liu was surprised she was old enough to even work there. "I just wanted to say that I wish you the best of luck. You're strong, and I admire that. Maybe one day when your out of here we could talk..." She awkwardly shrugged.

Liu reached up with all his strength and kissed her on the cheek.

He wasn't going to deny the fact that Susan was an extremely beautiful woman.

She blushed when this happened. She slowly stood up before smiling and waking away. Knowing Liu couldn't respond.

Liu tried to smile back. He wished he could see her again but had little faith that he would survive the risky operation.

'Goodbye Susan.' He said back in his head.

It was time, that moment where it was decided if he lived or died. Liu was scared.

The doctor told him he was a strong young man and he had the perseverance to survive. But he was still unsure.

He laid down and soon fell asleep.

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