You sit down in your new seat and set your notebook on your desk. You could feel the breath of Dan against your skin as he leans too close to you. "What up, babe," he greeted you with an annoying wide grin plastered onto his face. "You like roller coasters? How about that log ride at Disneyland," Dan teases. You look at him, obviously irritated and glare. "If so, you can come to my D-Land and ride my log," he winks at you.

"How many babes have you used that one on?"

"One. Wait... none."

You roll your eyes, trying to ignore him, but he doesn't take the hint.

"So, a little birdie told me that you like to act," he lifted an eyebrow in question, which made your stomach turn.

"Oh, God. You're going to fuck me up in auditions, aren't you?"

"What? Never," he throws his hands in the air, as if you offended him. "How could you ever think that? I actually like to act, myself."

You stare at him questionably, "really?"

"Sure! As a matter of fact, I think I should be worrying about you screwing up my audition," you roll your eyes, not caring about his thoughts.

But what if he does screw you up? You begin to feel anxious. "You really think you would get in?"

"Oh, come on, hon. With my good looks and sexy voice, I'm a definite panty-dropper."

"Okay," you stare back at him. "Don't call me hon. And I will definitely be able to make it through, with or without your help."

"Yeah, you keep telling yourself that." Dan kicks his feet up onto his desk.

"Phil thinks I'd be perfect for a Romeo and Juliet play at the end of the year." Dan brushes your statement away.

"Phil thinks a lot of things."

"Oh, whatever. I'm so good, all of the guys wish they were Romeo just to have me hold their hand."

"Really? Do you imagine that regularly? Am I one of them?" He scoffed.

You sit back in your seat, listening to the bell ring as you glance at Phil, who seemed rather lonely sitting so far from his best friend.

"OK everyone, break, then come back. It's a odd day today with the bells," the substitute commands.

Dan looks at you and winks, making the "smack" sound with his teeth as he clicks his fingers. You stand up, walking to Philip. "You totally left me," he whined.

"Sorry. Mr. Dapper wanted to move me with Daniel to make him a better student." You roll your eyes at the sentence, remembering how your heart dropped to your stomach when you heard so.

"Who knows if he'll change. He's been like that for years." He rolls his eyes. It's only true- if he's not going to change his attitude from middle school, what will make him change his attitude now?

"Yeah. I'll be back. I think I feel some static electricity from siting back there."

"It's the chemistry in the air. Also, you look like Albert Einstein," your best friend teases.

"Shut up." You joke back, stepping out of the class. Though, you hear Dan's and his friend's voices in the distance. You stop and listen.

Sex, drugs, cigarettes, etc., and your name- repeatedly.

You eyes start to burn and you blink quickly, multiple times to try not to allow any tears. Why would he talk about you like that? Or about any girl? You decide to walk towards the bathroom with confidence to get passed the boys. "Ooh"'s and shouts come from the group.

You run into the bathroom and stand there by the sink, leaning on it. Who does he think you are? To be that kind of person? To even be so close to him? He doesn't deserve you or any care or help from you. 

He doesn't deserve you, and he's never going to change.

You begin to clean yourself up and walk out of the bathroom, passing the group of friends again, assuring that your walk will have posture and sway, knowing it will have them howl like dogs they are. As you walk into class, the late bell rings and you sit down at your seat.

Daniel walks through the door, going straight to his desk beside you, "hey, babe," Dan greets.

"I'm not your babe," you say, scribbling circles into your notebook, trying to keep yourself calm.
Ohh he sure learned his lesson, you think sarcastically to yourself.

"Hey, I didn't call you my babe, but whatever," he lays back, throwing his feet on the desk.

"Alright, students. You're going to use this last hour to work on this super easy worksheet. Great for killing time. If you're finished, good for you, extra credit is available," Mr. Dapper explains as he passes out the worksheet. Once you get yours, you read it;



Etc. etc. etc.

You go through it easily. Basic algebra. You turn it over and do the back side once done with the front. Same problems. After you finish, you were about the third of the class to be completely done. Phil was second, most likely. You set it to the left side of your desk and you lay back.

"Damn, you're finished already," Daniel asks as he types quickly into his phone.

"You're still on the front side?" You ask back.

He leans back into his chair correctly and puts his phone down. His glares shoot daggers at you and writes quickly on the worksheet and turns it over, writing quickly on the back side of the paper. Once he finished, Dan held up the paper in your face along with his center finger. Mr. D then comes to the rescue and snatches his paper, "thank you, Daniel." And he walks away, leaving Dan in a state of irritation.

"You know, sometimes I think he's just a pedophile. Just waiting for the right moment," Dan assures, glaring at the back of him. "If anybody, I think he's going for you." He points at you.

"Alright," you laugh.

"So," the substitute starts, sitting at the desk. "How does it feel to start school on a Tuesday?"

"Tuesday?" You whisper back at yourself. "Shit." The auditions are tomorrow.

"Big day tomorrow, ain't it?" Dan laughs.

"You're an ass, you know?"

"Of course, as always. Aren't you excited for Wednesday?"

You roll your eyes and turn away from him, avoiding any contact. "Of course. As always."

"Really? Sure, alright. The only roles you'll be getting are bushes in the background."

You scoff, rolling your eyes, "bet."

Daniel holds out his hand, "deal." You look back at him up and down in confusion.


"You said bet. So, it's a deal."

You look at his hand and back at his face. Smirking, you shake it.


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