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07. Different Tastes

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Despite Kyle's warning that Aiden should lay low for the next couple of days, Aiden proceeded to do whatever he wanted, completely ignoring his brother's advice.

"Hey. Before we head home, how about we stop somewhere to grab a bite to eat? I'm starving. What about you?"

"Yeah, I guess I could eat something. Do you have a specific place in mind for where you'd like to go?" Julian mumbled from the driver's seat, distracted by his thoughts, all of which were about his ex, Lance.

Julian couldn't seem to let go of the heated conversation that he had with Lance back at his office. He was baffled by the crazy accusations that Lance had the audacity to throw at him regarding what Julian's true relationship was with Aiden.

Julian had told his ex, repeatedly, that he wasn't fooling around with the young CEO. He told Lance that he was simply doing a job for Aiden, told him that the only type of relationship that he has with the wild boy is that of a professional one.

How Lance managed to come up with the insane idea that Julian and Aiden had something else going on, something more personal and maybe even sexual, shook Julian to the core.

Lance rambled on and on about the chemistry that Julian and Aiden had with one another, how it was so tight that they simply had to have been seeing each other for a while. Julian, having felt like he'd been thrown into an insanely warped Twilight Zone episode, couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous nonsense that spilled from Lance's mouth.

Lance and Julian had been separated for three, going on four months now, and Julian still couldn't believe how incredibly jealous and territorial Lance was.

"Hmm, off the top of my head, I can't really think of any place that immediately stands out to me. How about you surprise me?" Aiden replied, sneakily stealing looks at Julian every few minutes. "I'm sure you have a go-to spot that you love. Take me there. I'm in the mood for something fried and greasy."

"Well, with that being said, I know the perfect place that'll fatten you up real quick."

"Wow! Talking shit about my weight, huh? I can't help that I have a high metabolism, okay?" Aiden said in a playful tone. Julian smirked, holding in his laughter. "Not everyone can be built like the fucking Terminator, you damn gym rat."

Not taking offense, Julian instead shook with laughter. He knew that Aiden had secretly been checking him out ever since he first arrived at his house. Julian knew that his boss was a little bit curious about him, he just didn't know to what extent.

"You really think I'm built like the Terminator?" Julian asked, nearly crying from having laughed so hard. "Good to know my time in the gym has been paying off. Thanks for the compliment, Grayson. You've managed to make this day just a little less shitty for me."

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