One Direction in New York

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**note: this isnt the first Chapter (:


'I cannot believe one direction are actually coming to new York!' I screamed to my best friend Logan over the phone.

'I know! I'm so excited. I swore if they went to California again I was going to either cry my eyes out or start walking there like today' Logan said in a way to serious tone.

My friendship with Logan only started being friends this past winter, we met over twitter and instantly became friends. She was there for me when my real life friends weren't.  I ran into Logan on Spring break, we both went to Miami and finally met. She lives the next state over from me, so it can be hard seeing her, but we make our friendship work.  Logan is 18 and I'm 16, she's been like the sister I've never had before.  I live in New Jersey and Logan lives in Pennsylvania, about an hour and a half drive from me. Every other weekend we go to a mall that is equally distant apart from our houses.

We continued our conversation and talked about how we would be going to New York. I live in a suburb outside New York so it is an easy commute. Logan made plans to stay at her cousins house, about 10 minutes from me, so when they boys do come, we can find them together.

I hung up the phone with Logan and went on Twitter. My phone vibrated and I saw I had a text from twitter.  Harry, Louis and Zayn all tweeted about their trip to New York.

@Harry_Styles New York in only 2 days!

@Louis_Tomlinson concrete jungle where dreams are made of! (:  xx

@zaynmalik I hear it smells like Heaven in New York! Cnt wait to be there! Xx

I didn’t realize they were coming so soon. Logan called me again and we made our plans for the weekend.  She said she was going to book a hotel in the city, which her uncle owns, so she could stay a but longer. I asked my parents if I could stay with her and they agreed. My mom and dad trusted Logan. They might not have known  her as long as my other friends, but she was responsible girl. She was really smart too, going to Harvard in the fall. She was about 5'6 and had long dirty blonde hair. She had green eyes and was fairly skinny.

"Stephanie!" my mom yelled "dinner!"

I walked down my spiral stairs and walked into my new renovated kitchen.  My house, im not going to lie, is  way to big for only 4 people. It had 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living areas, 2 dens, a fully finished basement. My backyard has a pool, hot tub, play area, trampoline, everything you can think of.

My family is fortunate to have these things because of my father, who happens to be a professional football player, but that is  besides the point. My story is about my trip with my best friend Logan to find One Direction …

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