you and Niall are together now for 9 months. everything was going good, you guys are happy together. but exept for tonight.

You're sitting on the couch when you hear a slamming door. Niall comes downstairs and smashes a magazine to your head "WHAT IS THIS?!" Niall yells at you. you look at the magazine and the title is: "Niall Horan's girlfriend cheats on Niall?" and there's a picture with you and a guy. am i that girl? who is that boy? why are people thinking this? wtf? "i don't know" you say. "WELL YOU KNOW IT! YOU'RE SUCH A BITCH FOR NOT TELLING ME THIS! YOU SLUT" you have to try not to cry "NIALL THIS ISN'T WHAT YOU THINK!" "WELL TELL ME WHAT IT IS THEN! I KNEW I COULDN'T TRUST YOU! I KNEW IT BUT I WAS SO STUPID TO BELIEVE YOU! YOU BITCH. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU ANYMORE, I DON'T CARE ABOUT US, AND I WOULD CARE LESS IF YOU LEFT ME!" you can feel the tears in your eyes. you run upstairs and you're packing some stuff and you go downstairs. you look at Niall he's sitting at the couch. it looks like he doesn't care. you're going to your car and you're leaving. it's over. we are never getting back together like Taylor Swift says. you don't know what to do and you decide to call Liam. he's your best friend for 7 years now and he was the one who bought you and Niall together.

"hello?" "hey Liam it's me, Chelsea. i need to talk to you. can i come to your house?" you say. "yeah ofcourse! i always have time for my best friend!" "okay see you in 10 minutes. byebye" "bye Chelsea" Liam says. and you put your phone back in your pocket.


you knock on the door and Liam opens. you give him a hug when he asks "what is it? you look so sad. tell me" you're going to the living room and you sit down on the couch. "well, Niall thinks i cheat on him and.." you start to cry. Liam hugs you. "it's gonna be fine but you have to tell me everything" he says. "he started to yell at me and he called me slut and bitch. and he doesn't care about.." you start to cry again. "he doesn't care about our relationship and he doesn't care i left him" you say. it feels good to tell it to someone who understands you. "aw. i'm so sorry for you. erm i think i have to know Niall's part of the story so i'm gonna call him" he says. at that moment Liam's phone rings. "it's Niall" he says. "well answer the phone" you say. Liam answers the phone. "yeah alright, i know. yeah ofcourse you can come over. okay bye" Liam puts his phone away. "well Niall comes over. he want's to talk about you and him. the same as what you did." Liam says. "okay. i'll go then" you say. "no. you can stay for a few minutes in my room. okay?" he says. "well, okay then. i trust you"

*15 minutes later*

you hear a car stopping. you look out the window and you see Niall. he looks sad. he goes inside. you hear Liam and Niall fight about you. "NIALL YOU KNOW YOU NEVER CAN CALL A GIRL SLUT OR BITCH! DON'T YOU?" "YEAH I KNOW BUT SHE CHEATS ON ME! WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M GONNA SAY? I'M SORRY, ALL IS FORGIVEN?" Niall yells. "MAYBE YOU HAD TO LET HER IT EXPLAIN? MAYBE YOU HAD TO LISTEN TO HER STORY?" Liam yells back.

you don't hear anything now for 10 minutes. then the door opens and you see Liam. "hey, Niall is gone for a moment. do you want to tell me witch magazine it was?" "okay. erm ofcourse." you say. you're going downstairs and you look at their website. searching for the article. "that's the article, open it" you say. "okay. so what do we have here? i'll make the picture bigger" Liam says. "WHAT?! that's me with an old friend from school. i hugged him and he gave me a kiss on the cheek." you say. "okay okay, calm down. so that's you with an old friend, right?" Liam says. "yeah, yeah that's right". "so i think you have to explain this to Niall, but you don't have to say sorry because it isn't your fault! now go to my room again. i'll get you when Niall is ready." Liam says. "okay then" and with that you're going upstairs again. you're thinking about who did this to me? who took the picture? why would Niall believe this? why me? why? why? why?.. 

a few minutes later i hear a car stopping and i see Niall. he looks nervous. he's going inside and a few minutes later Liam is at your door. "hey Chelsea, Niall is ready, i said you had to explain everything first and he has to listen to you okay?" he says. "okay right." you say.


"hi Niall, i want to explain everything. i was that girl on the picture but i was with an old friend from school, i hugged him and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. so it was only an old friend. don't worry, i'll never cheat on you, i promise" you say with tears in your eyes. "okay so i want to say that i'm sorry. really sorry. and i know it's all my fault. so i bought you some flowers" Niall says and he gives you the flowers. "aww Niall. they are beautiful" and you give him a hug.


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