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Jordy's POV
"Matthew and Jordy in the fourth row" the teacher said I smirked and looked at Kimberly, she gave me a glare she knew what I was gonna go. I got up and went to my seat and sat close to Matthew I said "hey Matt" giving my best smile.
He looked at me and gave me a sarcastic smile then to 'dont talk to me ever again face' "don't even think about it" he said to me.
The teacher then said "jocelyn and nate", "sam and jennifer" , "dillion and jack j", other students, "kalolaine and nash", and "jack g and hayes". Kimberly (person I need to destroy) got paired with my ex we dated for a really time I mean teo days is a lot.
But I just used him for my homework.
Hayes's POV
I look over at Kimberly who is fairly not happy, I see Kalolaine just laughing cause of Nash, I see Sam and jennifer talking, I just see nate looking at jennifer while she is doing her work hahah creep, and I see I got intrupped when came and sat in the empty seat while the teacher dosen't notice.
The teacher turned around and said "oh I forgot about you shawn got sit next to pete" shawn got and went to his seat.
I went back to my thought looked at my right and saw taylor talking to marina. I am not gonna taylor can attract any girl and I hope Marina won't fall for it.
After class, I went to my locker put my books in and it was break. I got my takis yes I do like takis don't judge and I got my ipod and headphones and started to listen to "I don't even know your name" by Shawn Mendes.
He makes music that makes me calm. I started to walk to our 'spot'.
It was just me and Shawn he heard me listening to the song "really" he said "hey, you have nice music" I said he just smiled.
Everyone else started to come Marina sat to my left and shawn in my right we were technically in a circle Shawn got up and got his guitar "lets sing" he sat back down .
"Ok, write in the paper who is singing" Jocelyn said we all wrote down the song who was singing and what song.

The list:
1. Jocelyn- Life of the Party
2. Shawn- Summertime sadness
3. Marina and Shawn- Like That (marina nate and jack j part and shawn is jack j)
4. Jennifer- One Last Time
5. Kimberly- Never Be Alone
7. Hayes- The Hills
I wrote my name at last 😌
Jocelyn sang we all clapped then Shawn we clapped again.
(I have to put the lyrics in for a purpose on Marina's and Shawn's part)
Shawn said " do you even know who wrote this song marina?" "No, but I hear it all the time" she said in reply.
Shawn started
"I ain't never met a girl, like you And you'll never find a man, like me Walking out the door, with you on my arm You can hit me on my phone anytime you want Got me going mad, when you dress like that Girl, it's a trap when you act like that (Yeah) I ain't even mad when you dress like that (Skate) I know you know you bad when you act like that Oh yeah." Shawn sang then I see the bad group coming when Marina started.
"Met a bad bitty from the state of Mississippi Really pretty and I wanna take her home to see the city (in my city)
Doing your thing, got me insane Walk in the mall and you cop me a chain I was like damn, You hot as a flame. Your mom is the only one that you can blame You so cute, girl, yeah you is a blessing And I'm the reason that your boyfriend keep flexing Never stop texting every time I see your name up in my phone I'm just picturing your body in that dress and makeup on You don't even need the makeup Save that shit for later You the baddest thing I seen I'm thanking your creator Girl, I see you working like Miley Cyrus be twerking I'm certain you'll be screaming for me when I close the curtains But it's funny, cause I'm the one screaming now for you, baby I been messing around with too many girls, I need a lady Hoping you can be the one but you need to show it And if you prove it to me, all this money, girl, we'll blow it" she rapped perfectly then nate looked shocked at us.

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