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Interview with HerBeautfulDeath

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1.Me: What books are you currently writing on wattpad?

1.HerBeautifulDeath: I am currently writing Forbidden Love, Shh...Don't Tell, I Can't Believe It's You, and my baby, The Protectors <333

2.Me: What inspired you to become an author?

2.HerBeautifulDeath: I have no flippin idea. But my guess is definatly boredom :))

3.Me: What gave you the idea for your book?

3.HerBeautifulDeath: DREAMS! lolz it's actually a little scary sometimes... my mind can be quite the twisted place O.O

4.Me: What do you do when you get Writer's Block?

4.HerBeautifulDeath: i just don't update and work on another story... unfortunatly for me i usually have ALOT of story ideas, and i try to put them in another story but sometimes it can't be done so i start a new one and then i get writers block and don't updadte because i only have the first part

5.Me: What do you like to snack on when you write stories?

5.HerBeautifulDeath: To help me write a story i eat...learly cheese lol. preferablly feta if we have it in stock. but  lately we have been buying this crap feta thats all dry so its not that good... i have been using cheese sticks :DD hahaha i LOVE eating cheese when i write. also meditaing me and my yoga put my in like a relaxed state  i guess, where it's easier to write :D

6.Me: What are your inspirations/influences?

6.HerBeautifulDeath:I think my biggest inspiration to write is my fans... cheesy i know, but when my fans holler at me and when they ask me or comment on my stuff, i feel like i want to write. so even when i cant think of ANYTHING i try and write for my fans... :D

7.Me: When did you get interrested in writing?

7.HerBeautifulDeath: I  became interested in writing when i signed up for wattpad to r! i was like "hey i'll post this paper i just wrote" then i tried to write a longer version with more stuff in it, but it failed xP hahaha and then i was like, maybe i'll write a klegit story and thus y'all recieved The Protecters. which is my baby. While i Love all my stories the Protecters was the first to go on the WH list, its off now, it was the story that brought in most of my fans and at this point in time it is probably my bestfriend, hahaha no joke i am in love with my own story... even though it isn't the best :))

8.Me: What are all the things you focus on when writing?

8.HerBeautifulDeath: I think one thing i focus on, which i shouldn't, is my characters. I pay so much attention to them that i forget all about doing description of other crap, i am trying to become better at that though :D

9.Me: Do you write about characters with personalities simillar to people you know in real life?

9.HerBeautifulDeath: Yes and No, I sometimes use my friends name, but alot of the time the characters are kind of different. the only one that is alot like her actuall person is Becca in The Protecters :D

10.Me: Do you have any kids?Pets?

10.HerBeautifulDeath: Yes. I have 15 kids. and i am the father. my wife is Rebecca. and no i hve NO idea how we had 15 kids seeing as how we are both female. but we did :)) and we love them all... thoough the only one we ever talk to is sunshine (she is a 6 foot something african american.) we have no idea how that appened... oh and i was the mom in that case :D (lol how many of u guys reading this think i am crazy???) oh and i have two dogs... i only like 1 though

11.Me: What's the most difficult part when you write books (beginning or ending)?

11.HerBeautifulDeath: ugh i think they are both equally hard. it is so hard to do the begining because if u do not do good then people do not continue and its hard to end because i love my characters lol

12.Me: Who are your favorite authors on wattpad?

12.HerBeautifulDeath: Hmmm... Anasa17 she rocks, XXjoejoeXX her stories are twisted and awesome :D 4everJCandME well i love her and her story :) and then anyone in my AM they all kick ass lol :DDD

13.Me: What do you want to tell your fans?

13.HerBeautifulDeath:THAT YOU ALL KICK ASS!  without y'all i never would have continued writiing it would all just be another unfinished hobby :D SO THANKYOU'ALLGUYS SO EFFIN MUCHJ! I LOVE YA

That concludes the interview with HerBeautifulDeath and yes she is like my sister so READ HER STORIES:)

I will be uploading when i can:)

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