10 : First Day (Part 2)

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I sat down in my biology class room. Silas walked in and smiled at me. He took the seat behind me. His legs were too long and the ended us sliding underneath my chair. I hadn't noticed until his feet brushes mine. They tickled a bit causing a shiver to run through my back.

"Sorry." He whispers. His accent. Oh my gosh, Sang! Cool it! 

"It's okay. If it is more comfortable, go ahead." I whisper back. We were supposed to be doing a worksheet individually. It was to measure how much we knew about biology. I quickly finished and stared at the clock. I took this class awhile ago so this will be a good refresher I guess. I wonder what the French teacher will be like....

I drift in and out of my thoughts. Silas's legs  wrapped around my ankles making me feel tingly.

When the bell rings he asks me if it was okay for him to walk with me to my next class. 

"I think Gabriel is in your French class." He tells me. 

"Really? I hope so, so far I have had a friend in almost every class." I tell him.

"Am I your friend?" He asks playfully. I giggle at the playful look he gives me. 

"Yes, Silas. You are one of my best friends." He smiles.

"Yay! I am your best friend. You are one of my best friends, Sang." My stomach flutters and I blush. Deep breaths, Sang. Breathe, Sang. "Hey, uh, Sang." 

"Yeah, Silas."

"I am new this year, like you, but I mean. I am new to the country. I am having trouble with the school papers. With the English. I was... I need some help. Can you help me?" He asks running his hand threw his hair. 

"Yeah, of course. You speak really well though." I say assuring him.

"I did not understand any of the paper in class. You did." He says. I nod. 

"Okay. We'll work something out." I say as we stop in front of my French class. "But you have to teach me how to speak Greek." I say.

"Of course, Aggele." He says. I say goodbye and walk into French. Gabriel is seated in the back corner. He is hunched over a piece of paper drawing or maybe taking notes. I walk over to the seat next to him. 

"Gabriel!" I say. He lifts his head from the paper and smile. His cheek is swollen and his lip has some small cuts on it. "Oh my gosh, Gabe! What happened. Who did this to you?" I gently prod my finger at his cheek. He flinches and I let my hand fall. 

"You should go to the nurse and get some ice." I say.

"It's okay, Sang. I'll be okay. It was one or two punches. Nothing serious." He says.

"You're not a punching bag. You're a person. They can't hurt you. Can you at least tell me who it was?"

"The guys like that like to pick on me, Sang. I'm more worried about them harassing someone like you. I don't want him to give you any shit." Gabriel says. 

"You don't deserve it either." I say. He chuckles but then sees my serious expression, but it changes into an uneasy look. The teacher, Mrs. Blanc, walked in. She required everyone to speak French and no english. She hands out a packet explaining tone marks, the alphabet, so basic words, and one that has phrases on it. 

"So, I thought your only your morning classes were changed?" I ask him. He shakes his head, wincing slightly. 

"They moved all my morning classes and then this one." He says. The teacher dismisses us to talk quietly amongst ourselves. I take in his injuries again. I would talk to Rocky.

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