9 : Music Theory

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This part takes place a little later during the day.

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I walk into music room B, taking a seat in the front corner of the room. It is set up in three rows of 9. As the students begin to fill in the teacher walks into my line of vision, but he soon walks into an office. I cannot see what he looks like, but he seems achingly familiar.

I broke away from the figure when the air beside me shifted. Next to me there was a set of handsome amber eyes that seemed to smolder as the light reflected off of them. His hair was a few shades deeper in color than his eyes. He looked nicer than many of the other students in the class, and it wasn't just his outfit.

"Hi." He looked royal and I felt like I shouldn't come near the invisible bubble of elite-ness that surrounds him. He wore a light cologne that smelled of the outdoors. Almost like fresh berries and similar to the earth after it rains.

"I'm Victor," He says holding out his hand. I shake it. His fingers were lean, like he played an instrument. I wonder if he plays cello like I do?

"Sang." I smile softly and feel a nest of butterflies in my stomach.

The bell hisses more than rings. Owen steps in front of the class and begins to speak. Yup, Owen. My neighbor. My very handsome neighbor, this might complicate a few things.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Blackbourne," He begins. He looks at me and confusion crosses his face, just slightly. I guess I have to call him Mr. Blackbourne from now on. I could always say I have a sister, but he would know the name. Ugh. "this is Music Theory 1. It is the first music education class to be taught outside of band at Ashley Waters, so I hope you take it seriously. Please check your schedules to make sure you are in the right room.

A handful of people briefly pull out their papers to check, but when no one leaves he continues. "You will have a quiz at the end of next week. Your study guide will be passed around. This is an interactive class, though it does require studying. The first test is on basic vocabulary that is commonly used throughout music. After this week most of your test will require you playing a small song on the xylophones so that I know you can count rhythms and read the notes. I will give you about a one week notice before each test." He hands out a few more papers out.

"Does anyone play an instrument?" He asks. I raise my hand, so does Victor, and a few other people. "You will all have a slight advantage. At the end of this semester there will be an opportunity for any of you to take on a new instrument and then next year you may join the school band as long as you comply with the school regulations." Mr. Blackbourne finishes telling us what we need to know he tells the class we may speak to each other quietly until the bell rings.

I turn to Victor and he is already looking at me.

"What instrument do you play?" He asks me.

"Violin and cello. You?"

"Piano. We should do a duet together." He proposes the idea. I nod.

"I would love that." We chat back and forth for a few minutes about our favorite composers and pieces.

When the rings we leave the class together.

"So what's your next class, Sang." I like the way he says my name. His voice is deep, he could be a good singer.

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