Leo's random drawning

[June 20, 2016
6:34 am]

"Now do you remember?" Hunter asked Leo and Mason. The six year old and seven year old looked at each other before nodding at Hunter.

Issak chuckled from behind Hunter not even bothering to believe the two boys. "Are you two just nodding?"

Another nod followed by a yawn from Mason.

Hunter sighed as he glanced at his watch. He had maybe another hour to get the boys ready before they caught they're flight to France.

"Okay I'm gonna tell you two one more time okay? If you remember the rules this time, I'll let you have whipped cream on your pancakes."

"Yes!" "We'll rememer Uncle Hunt!"

"Remember Mason, re-mem-ber." Hunter corrected his adopted nephew. Mason sent his uncle an cheeky smile but didn't make any attempts to fix what he said. Issak laughter filled the air again but Hunter ignore him.

"Rule one. Never leave Uncle Louis side at the airport. Repeat."

"Rule one. Never leave Uncle Louis side at the airport." Both boys repeated at different times but Hunter understood it.

"Rule two. Only eat fod Uncle Louis or Aunt Lelsey give you. Repeat."

"Rule two. Only eat food Uncle Louis or Aunt Leeley give you."

"Rule three. Always listen to Uncle Louis and Aunt Lelsey. Repeat."

"Rule three. Always listen to Uncle Louis and Aunt Lelsey."

Hunter smiled at the boys as they couldn't say Lelsey right. Nodding Hunter waved the boys off as they raced towards the kitchen where Louis was.

"They'll forget the rules after two minutes."

"Of course they will but Louis knows the rules. He also knows the consequences if anything happens to the boys." Hunter replied.

Hunter and Issak carefully buckled Leonardo and Mason into their respected booster seats making sure they were comfort but secure. Louis finished his run down with his men as he moved to approach the car.

Hunter kissed Leo's forehead and he even leaned over to kiss Mason. "You two be good for Auntie Lelsey and Uncle Louis okay?" Issak rolled his eyes at his friend as he gave his own kisses to the boys.

"Yes mommy." "Yes uncle Hunt." The boys chorus together loudly.

Hunter and Issak moved to the side allowing Louis to approach the car. Grabbing Louis's collar harshly, those mismatched eyes locked onto the sadistic blue eyes.

"Si quelque chose leur arrive. Priez de mourir avant de vous joindre." (If anything happens to them. Pray that you die before we reach you.) Issak hissed as he watched Louis's eyes.

"Si signore." (Yes sir.)

"Rappelez-vous Louis. Si quelque chose leur arrive, je vais payer une visite à votre Hayes en premier." (Remember Louis. If anything happens to them, I'll be paying your Hayes a visit first.) Hunter added.

Louis nodded one last time before climbing into the car, ordering the driver to start the car.

Hunter and Issak watched the SUV into it disappeared around the corner to the airport. Neither man really wanted to send they're sons away but it was for the best. If they got catch, Leo and Mason would be safe and untouchable.

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