It's Just My Luck...A Collective Fanfic

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First time making a Fanfic so sorry if it’s crappy, and I’m really bad at English so if my grammar or spelling is bad again I’m sorry…but hope you enjoy it!


[Rosalie’s POV]

I woke up at 6am on Saturday of all the days!  That’s just my luck I can never get a good sleep in. My best friend, who is also my roommate, gets up at this time every day. She must have been in a great mood because she made some banana pancakes and she never cooks.

“Morning,” I yawned to Giovanna still half asleep.

“Morning!” replied Gi in an excited tone.

“Why are you so chipper?”

“I’m not sure, I just woke up in a really good mood,” replied Gi.

“Fair enough,” I smiled back.

“Want some pancakes?” Gi asked.

“Of course! Want me to make us a peanut butter smoothie?”

Giovanna looked at me as if I just said the dumbest thing she ever heard.

“I can’t believe you just said that! Of course I’ll have one!”

It was kind of stupid to ask, peanut butter smoothies are our favourite drink. People think we’re weird but they are so delicious. Once I made the smoothies we sat down on the couch and cranked up the volume on the TV as we watched the music channel.

It came to number two on the music charts and Gi and I gasped and put our breakfast down, turned the music up full blast and started jumping around like idiots.

“Ground one I couldn’t believe it, you came and knocked me out with those killer eye, eye, eyes. You stopped my heart from beating without saying a word, took me by surpri-i-ise…” I started belting the words out to surrender by The Collective.

“My god I love these boys!” exclaimed Giovanna.

“They are amazing aren’t they?”

“The best!” replied Gi.

“Come down to the Stamford Grand Hotel tonight if you feel like having a party and for your chance to win a meet and greet with none other than The Collective, who is performing along with DJ Panic. You’re not going to want to miss it. There’s a $20 entry fee, seventeen years and over, no underage drinking. Starts at 6pm til 12am, only 25 rooms available so first in best dressed.” The television announced before the number one song came on.

Gi and I looked at each other with the biggest smile on our faces.

“We are so going!!” we both screamed at each other.

We finished our breakfast and continued jumping around the lounge room listening to music.

[Giovanna’s POV]

Rose and I decided to go to the Stamford Grand to try and meet The Collective tonight, so we decided to book a room and stay in town for the day. No way were we going to miss the chance to meet those boys.

“What should we wear?” I asked Rose.

“How about your black fitted, peplum dress with the gold detail on the top? She suggested.

“Oh yeah that’ll be cute, what are you going to wear?”

“I’m thinking my green skater dress with my thin black diamante belt?” I replied with a question.

“Yeah that will look awesome.”

“Okay I’ll wear that then. Well that was easy!” Rose laughed.

While I was packing a bag for the night Rose had a shower, and then we swapped places as there is only one bathroom in our house, so we have to wait for each other. After my shower I put on my dark blue skinny jeans, a white tank top, a maroon cardigan, my long black zip up boots and white scarf as it was twenty degrees and freezing outside. I then put on my makeup, made sure I had everything I needed and waited for Rose to get ready.

“You ready yet, Rose?”

“Yeah, in a minute, I’m just straightening my hair,” responded Rose.   

Rose finished getting ready and we grabbed our things then locked up and headed for the city. 

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