55- Truth or Dare ? (ft. Marc Bartra) Part 1

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"I can't believe I brought you here with me tonight." My brother sighed burying his hands in his jeans pockets, as we stood at the front door of Rafinha's house. 

Rafinha was having a gathering that most of the players were able to attend to celebrate the start of the new season. (Imagine the season 2015-2016 has started.)

"You didn't bring me here , I came because Rafa invited me." I told him knocking on the door.

"You're calling him Rafa now , why are you suddenly so close to each other ?" He asked his big brother side kicking in .

"Relax Marc , Rafinha and I are just friends , plus I'm setting him up with one of my friends." I winked playfully at my brother, as the door opened Rafinha grinning when he saw us.

"Hey guys , glad you could make it, you look great Elle." He game a friendly hug then shook hands with Marc doing this bro hug thing. 

He let us in after that and a few of the guys with their wives and girlfriends were already there , seated around the house talking and laughing , I spotted Rafella , Neymar's sister talking to Antonella , Leo's girl , and I walked over to them , saying hi, to a few of the guys, since they already knew me.

Rafaella spotted me and excused herself from Antonella coming over to me grinning wide .

"hey Elle , how's my girly " she hugged me tight.

"Hey Raf , i'm good , how are you." I giggled . I was the calm one. okay not always but right now I was the calm one .


I can't finish it today , i finish it tomorrow and post on Love Needs No Age , promise.






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