Now that my English coursework was out of the way, classes seemed to flow for me more easily. There wasn't a huge pressure to note every single thing down or to study endlessly every night in order to get a good grade.

Although, Mrs Valentine somehow hated my guts; I just didn't care. And it was good, because I'm the sort of person to worry over almost everything. But like Harry said, her opinion of me meant nothing.

"Do you know what a blowjob is?" Harry whispered into my ear.

I involuntarily gasped, my eyes wide like saucers as I attempted to remain calm in this tranquil English lesson. We were sat right at the back, so thankfully no one could hear us talk if we whispered.

"I know... what blowjobs are." I answered.

"Hm," Harry moaned a little with a sly smirk on his lips. "Would you ever give one?"

"Um," I hesitated. Gosh, I didn't know. I've never thought about it until now. "It depends on... the situation, and the appearance."

He frowned in confusion, his arms slowly crossing as his lips came by my ear again. "What about... I shave tonight. And then when your parents leave for work, we watch a movie-"

"We always put movies on, and we never end up actually watching them. I don't want to do anything unless I'm in that mood."

"What mood?" He raised an eyebrow.

"You know," I avoided the question. "We've never been on a date."

He immediately turned to me in disbelief and his jaw dropped open. "I... I asked you, well, Danny asked you on a date! You said you didn't want to call it a 'date' because it made you... Wait for it... anxious."

I didn't react because he was right for once. "True. However, I changed my mind. I really want to go on one. That will put me in the mood."

"So what you're saying is... You'll give me a blowjob if I take you on a date." He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"Well..." I trailed. That was exactly what it seemed like. "Yes."

He paused, his eyes to the floor in thought. "Great. We get to kill two birds with one stone. I get a date with you and a blowjob."

"Can't wait." I unsurely mumbled.

"You're gonna have to get practicing, if you want to be good at it." He reminded.

I gave him a look. "What is there to practice? I'm just putting your... thing in my mouth."

He licked his bottom lip and stared at my mouth in curiosity. "You don't just put it in your mouth. You need to learn techniques, like, seeing how deep you can go without gagging, or what you do with the parts that you can't reach. But it's your first time, so I just want you to try your best."

I stared at him oddly, and then rolled my eyes and focused my attention on Mrs Valentine's lecture. "I can't take you seriously."

As if on cue, the class ended as soon I began paying attention. Everyone began to stand to their feet but suddenly Mrs Valentine stood in front of the door. "You're not leaving yet. Sit back down."

And of course, Harry was first to protest. "We'll miss our bus-"

"I don't give a shit, Harry." She swore with a scowl, surprising us all.

It was dead silent as we were all seated once more, Mrs Valentine's eyes darting back and forth from us all as she strolled silently along the classroom. "Who wants to come clean and admit they took their paper home?"

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