"Jean, I love you that's why I'm breaking up with you!"

"Gab! I can't understand! :( You love me then you're breaking up with me like seriously? What the hell is that?!" 

"Jean, Please just understand. God knows how much you mean to me that's why I'm here to let you go, I know without you saying, you're hurting."

"Yes, but its more painful if you will left me. Please don't go Gab! please." 

"Jean, i need to do this, I'm sorry. Isn't it you tell me that you believe in Destiny?"


"Then if we're destined to be together again, we just have to wait.."


"Yes, if we're really destined to be together, I know God will bring me back to you. But for the mean time, Please accept the fact that I really need to go..Thank you for all the memories, Jean. You'll stay here." He said tapos tinuro nya yung puso nya. 

Then he kissed me in my forehead.

"Good Bye Jean"

That's the last conversation we had. And after that he left me alone. What do you expect me to do? You expect me to Cry? You expect me to get bitter? Nuuh. You shouldn't. I'm used to it.  REALLY. Urgh. Seriously, I hate this feeling that you only love a person then they will just hurt you! -_________- Why I always end up hurting? :(

I'm always the good girlfriend, I always say those sweet words like "I love you, I miss you, I will always be here for you." Those words.  But now, I think I'm learning. Gabriel will be the last man to hurt me! I swear! Because this time, I will be the one to hurt them! Masama na kung masama pero nasaktan ako e! So the good girl will gone bad! >Evil Laugh<

I will take my sweetest revenge, I will make a man fall for me then I'll break his heart. 

Heart Breaker.Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!