Chapter 44 ~Some Phone Sex?

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Chrissy POV:

"I hate patrol! I'm always so tired afterwards, like I could barely move. I only have enough energy for changing back and barely enough for walking to bed. I mean sure I have to protect the town but my legs need protecting too, protecting from falling asleep! Sometimes I could barely move, like anything, literally it could be my arms or hands or mostly legs. It's just exhausting you know? And I have to do it most of the time anyway." I sighed laying on the couch.

"Yes. I know. Have you ever considered talking to your boss making him lessen your patrol time?" She asked me

"I would but he doesn't listen, all he does is sit on his butt and spend time with the girl he loves, she doesn't even want to be with him!"

"Why do you say that?"

"Because he's an idiot! He was her cousin's ex boyfriend!"

"Tell me, how do you feel about Sam?" She asked bending forward with her hands on her knees and her head resting on them.

"Well I see him as a big annoying brother. I like to mess with him, you know piss him off. Make fun of him when he's naked and stuff. I've accidentally seen him naked once. He tries to tell me what to do but I never listen and it frustrates him." I giggled she nodded and wrote something down.

"It sounds to me like this girl he likes is your friend. Am I correct?" She asked me

"Yes why?"

"Well I'm thinking, that you tell yourself that you see him as a brother when really you see him as something more, but since the girl he likes is your friend you don't want to hurt her." She said

"What? That's crazy! I don't see him in that way." I told her

"Well the way you said everything it shows the signs."

"What signs?"

"You said you mess with him and love to annoy him, you've also seen him naked and you tease him about it. Those are the signs that you may have a crush on this boss of yours." She said I frowned.

"No I don't, I don't like him! Not at all! He's like an annoying brother!"

"Maybe you're in denial." She added. I glared and sighed

"Okay we're done here!" I told her standing up

"Wait we're not done you still have twenty minutes!"

"Give my twenty minutes to someone who actually needs it! I only sis this therapy thing to please my father. I don't need therapy!" I walked towards the door and opened it storming out. I walked outside of the building and to my car. I then drove towards a Mc Donalds. How dare she tell me something that is not true! I do not like Sam! Sure I mean he is attractive but I don't see him in that way! He's the annoying older brother I never had and never wanted! I walked up to the counter and saw a guy right there he was one of those jocks, I could just tell.

"Welcome to Mc Donalds may I take your order?" He asked boredly

"Wow aren't you supposed to be all cheery and stuff when you say that?" I asked him he didn't look up.

"You try sitting here all day and being happy." He said glumly

"It's better than my job." He rolled his eyes

"And what is your job?" He asked rudely.

"I'm a security guard." I told him he looked up and froze.

"A security guard? But you're so pretty, and not the nerd I thought you'd be?" I raised my eyebrows

"Yeah a security guard, I patrol all day right now I'm on my break. So can you take my order now?"

"Yeah sure." He smiled

"Great. I want four hot and spicys please, oh and a sprite." He typed it in and looked back up at me.

"Is that for three people?" He asked

"No its all mine." I told him his eyes widened

"But you're so small I think I'll just give you two, don't want that food to go to waste." He smiled I glared

"Tell ya what, you give me all four and my sprite and I'll give you my number, then maybe we could have some phone sex." I smiled leaning in and pushing my boobs up a bit. He looked at them and then behind my shoulder. I turned and saw a bunch of guys in letterman jackets. They smirked and winked at me, I rolled my eyes looking at him again.

"Deal." He said I smiled and paid. After he gave me my food I wrote a number on a piece of paper and gave it to him. I walked back out to my car and got in buckling my food because I love my food. I then sped off towards La Push.

After I ate I sped towards Emily's place where all the boys were I looked at them and frowned.

"Who's on patrol?"

"There hasn't been anything so we're all taking the night off." Sam said I nodded and sat dowm in between Paul and Jared. Paul's phone started to ring and he pulled it out and answered it. He must've hit speaker because everyone could hear it.

"Hey baby, you ready for that phone sex I'm already touching my swelling cock." It was the guy from Mc Donalds he talked before Paul could and I started silently laughing. I fell on Paul's shoulder while he sat there confused. Finally Paul answered back.

"Who the hell is this and how did you get my number!"

"Oh shit dude! The girl gave me the wrong number!" He said I heard another voice of a guy in the background saying

"Ouch man! Burn" I took the phone from Paul.

"You wanted to have phone sex with another guy in the room? That's sick Mc Donalds boy!" I said into the phone Paul looked at me and glared

"Chrissy you're giving horny guys my number? Why the hell would you do that!" He asked

"Hey its the right girl, she just gave you her boyfriends number." The other voice said again. I froze. So did Paul.

"Damn right I'm her boyfriend and if you ever call this number again or even try to talk to her or hit on her, you're dead! She's my girl! Understand?" He said sternly into the phone.

"Yeah man sorry dude!" The other voice said

"No way he's probably some puny ass nerd! Come meet me asshole I'll woop your ass!" Mc Donalds boy told him. Paul began to shake.

"What sport you play again? You know what I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you run track?" I told him it was silent I smiled. "Yeah you see Paul here plays basketball so um you wanna rethink meeting up with him?" The line sent dead and I smiled. Paul glared at me.

"Oh watch I'm gonna do the same thing to you and you'll be pissed" he said. I shrugged. I looked up and Sam, Emily, and Jared were chuckling. My eyes lingered on Sam, he's like a brother to me right? Or was my therapist right? Do I have a crush on Sam?

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