You've Changed

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You’ve changed

You've changed.

Remember the time when we were inseparable?

I miss that.

There were times when you looked at me with Pride

and whenever we spoke, there was joy.

Things changed.

Maybe I changed.

Maybe you changed.

I try reaching out to you.

I try talking to you.

I try changing things to the way it was before..

But it's no use.

You moved on.

You don't feel the same way about me anymore.

What changed?

Did your friends make you choose?

Am I not worth anything to you?

Sad part is, you were the only person I trusted.

The only person I KNEW I could count on.

And now I feel all alone.

I never realised this but before you,

I've always been alone.

I don't wanna say goodbye,

please don't leave me.

I still love you.... 


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©2011 Skyler  Jayne

~Writing Tales of Love and Heartbreak ♥ ~

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