Me, or is it me?

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Me, or is it me? (Co-Written with Molly Hagman) Written on 26/04/2011

She looks herself in the mirror

the only word it whispers is 'die, die, die!'

These words confuse her,

and soon she begins to cry.

The swelling in her chest

slowly, turning her breathing painful -

making her feel like she's being possessed

by something ungrateful.

With words of knife,

and heart so cold.

Taking life,

could she be so bold?

The blade in her hand,

blood of others splattered on the floor.

Hazy visions, like a swirling storm of sand,

and the devil wants her to kill some more.

Mind set with a motive

no other life left but her own,

her voice of reason is held captive, 

something is inside her, something unknown.


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