Author's Note

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Congratulations! You've just read the first book I've ever written without giving up!

Writing the Unplugged Trilogy has been a remarkable challenge for me. I've been an avid reader since Kindergarten, and a creative writer since third grade. All the way up to the end of ninth grade, I've never (seriously) tried my hand at an original work because I had not:

a. Patience
b. Self-Confidence


c. An idea

It was one day while I was thinking about summer plans (reading) that a spark of brilliance ignited within my mind. I suddenly could not contain these characters I dreamt up, and the world in which they live. Right there, at school, I filled up entire notebook pages with character names, plot concepts, and title brainstorms. The first day of summer; it was then that I first started writing about the 18-year-old rebel Enna Price. Ever since then, I could not help but draw inspiration for her story from everything I read, saw, or heard.

I sincerely wish that this story was as fun for you to read as it was for me to write! Questions, comments, and anything else you wish to say are warmly welcomed.


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