The Extraordinary Means Book Tag

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I'm here to do the Extraordinary Means Book Tag! Now it's been a while since I did anything here, and I admit I haven't been in the mood for any writing lately. But I recently felt like doing these tag thingamabobs again, so I'm starting. Again. I hope I don't stop like last time.

This tag was created by , and like it goes with most tags, I wasn't tagged to do this by anyone, but it looked fun. So I'm going to do this! *yeah!*

I would give up the internet for a month for a signed first edition of this book.

This question isn't as hard for me as it would be for quite a lot of people. I believe I can live without the internet for a month or maybe more. My worries would probably only include how I'd catch up with all the YouTubers I follow and stuff like that.

But at the moment, I'd very willingly sacrifice a month or more for a signed copy of any book by Derek Landy, especially Demon Road. Demon Road is Derek's new trilogy, the first book –Demon Road- of which is coming out on August 27th 2015. I actually signed up for this signed copy giveaway, and I just hope I get a copy. *fingers crossed*

I would give up pizza for a year if it meant I could sit next to this author on a long plane ride.

Again, I believe I can give up pizza for a year, but oh's going to be hard. So hard. So so hard. I'm very tempted to say Derek Landy again, but at the moment, I just have a lot to ask Christopher Paolini – author of The Inheritance Cycle. He's writing a new sci-fi book that we do not have sufficient information about, and he's also writing a BOOK FIVE to the Inheritance Cycle. So yes, reasons enough for me to want to sit next to him on the plane.

We shall have a fine old time yapping away about dragons...

I would sit through a thousand hours of commercials if it would ensure that Hollywood made this book into a movie.

Commercials? A thousand hours? No thank you. I'd honestly rather have the book(s) remain books than endure thousand hours of commercial. But given the hypothetical-ness of the situation, I think I would (try to) sit through all the commercials if Hollywood made the whole of the TimerRiders series by Alex Scarrow into movies. Yes, all nine of the books.

I would never read a new book again if it meant I could live inside this book.

Never read a new book huh? Well then...

Hands down, Harry Potter. Magic? Check. Hogwarts? Check. Quidditch? Check. I wouldn't mind not reading another new book if I live in the Harry Potter world.

I would let my google search history be made public if it meant I could be best friends with this author.

There's nothing in my Google search history that someone can hold as leverage against me, except perhaps pages and pages of YouTube links, K-Pop stuff, and DeviantArt. If you want too trawl through that, be my guest.

But the author I'd like to be best friends with would be...Derek Landy? That way I wouldn't have to give up internet for a month. Or maybe Christopher Paolini? That way I wouldn't have to give up pizza. *fist pump*

I would donate everything I own to goodwill if it meant I could date this book character in real life.

I'm not really the dating type. Best friends yes, but dating doesn't appeal to me very much. So I shall keep everything I have, thank you very much. XP No, but honestly, there's no character that I want to date in particular.

So that was it for the Extraordinary Means Book Tag. Hope you liked it! Have a great day! See you soon!

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