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Marina's POV

We were all sitting down, and talking then we saw.......................someone I hate to see the bad boy group, they are ok but you just don't wanna mess with them.

You are probably wondering who might these 'bad boys' be well its Nate ['the leader'], Sam['the player and quite attractive but not my type'], Dillion ['average chill person'], Jack G ['all the girls fall for him guy'], Jack J ['cute and good rapper] we talk, and last but not least Taylor he comes out fixing his hair quiff ['the most attractive guy'].

"You guys done" Jennifer asks we all say yes, we get up and I look up and see Sam staring at Jennifer I ignored, then I saw Taylor looking at me we made eye contact but I looked away after a few seconds.

We walked to school talking about how Jai is leaving to Austrailia [sorry for my horrible spelling] today. We did say bye yesterday we did cry especially Jennifer.

A little we got to school and somehow I see the 'bad group' interesting I thought weren't they just at the cafe. They were checking us out while we made eye contact with them I just rolled my eyes.

Kimberly's POV

After that 'moment\scene' we all went to are lockers and Jocelyn said "See you at class" we continued and left I opened my locker and close it to see............Matthew. I smile and give him a peck on the lips and hug him. We walked to class and I saw all of us were in class, we sat down talking about random things till the teacher came."Good Morning class, today you will be having seating movements." the teacher said

Everyone let out a groan expect me I really don't care where I sit. Ok, Marina and Taylor in the back corner to the right, Marina got up and walked to her seat other people got moved then the teacher says "Matthew and Jordy in the fourth row" I got extremely pissed.

.........TO BE CONTINUED.............

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